Colored Silicone Light Bulbs

With Silicolight change your mood in the blink of an eye!

A Silicolight is a silicone bulb cache that allows to change the color and intensity of the low consumption and LED bulbs. Simply drag it on the bulb. There is no way faster and more effective to change the mood of any room indoors or outdoors, although there was not really parts outdoors, you can still use it in the garden, by the pool, on the terrace, you see! In fact, if there is a bulb, there may be a Silicolight.


Dimensions: Length 60 mm x 42 mm wide. Fits easily on the bulbs measuring 45mm wide.

Colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, white.

Transparency: Bright and Dim

On every picture you have from left to right: bright, without Silicolight, Dim.

Resistant to heat up to 250 ° C / 482 ° f.

Flexible and washable



Me:-my name is Fabian Brunet, I am 26 years old, I live in the South of the France and a little over a year ago, I had an idea….

But first, a little more about me… Before my life change, I was gardener after 2 years of studies in landscaping. I have always loved working with my hands. I like tinkering, manufacture and imagine the things that could make my life easier or at least make it more enjoyable.

You:-Okay, fascinating, but you’re not to talk about your life it seems?

Me: No, no, of course not, I thought that you would like to learn a little more about me, but spend.

You:-then…? What’s the idea?

Me: So, try to visualize the scene, right? I was sitting on the living room couch when suddenly… My gaze stood up to the light. The light was so dazzling. My pupils turning as if I’d just watch the Sun! I tried both although difficult to block out the light with my hands, but it could be a long term solution. I had need of my hands for other things, like grab the remote, for example, or chips… and if I needed both hands at once! No, no, no. There is another way! After many attempts to find a solution, a bright idea came to my mind, that I name: ‘The idea’.

You:- and…?

Me:-are you ready…? I will design a sort of LED bulbs via FRANCISCOGARDENING that tamisera these evil lights and even their color will change! For this I’ll use… wait, wait… I know, the silicone! It is heat resistant, translucent, flexible and can be of any color,… perfect! What do you think?

You:-Hmmm, it will take me a bit longer to fall on my ass… But hey, show me more and we’ll see.

Me:-absolutely! I’ll tell you on this subject, show you pictures and videos, and see for yourself the birth of a new era in lighting solutions!

Too far to turn back, it that’s for sure! I invested all my savings in the creation of Silicolight. My account is as dry as my eyes were when my bulbs did not Silicolight. But I quite advanced since I started and I learned a lot of things along the way. First of all, gardening and the creation of a new product are slightly different. Second, my trimmer does me more nothing. Third, there are more than 2 steps between the idea and the final product in the hands, and some steps are harder to cross than others.

Nevertheless, I managed to get the final product into their own hands!

And there are a few boxes full! At the moment there are 8 available colors, each divided into 2 levels of transparency. The light to change the color of the light while keeping a good brightness. The sieved to a more subdued atmosphere. With the money I had, I could start production of 2000 Silicolight of each color (bright 1500 and 500 sifted). At the moment there is only one size available.

Here is a list of steps taken:

Protection of the mark Silicolight

Creation of the mould for the first model

The colors and transparencies

Flexibility of the Silicolight

Work on the packaging, but needs improvements

Plan for the next model

Almost everything which is related to the manufacturing and import.

Y’ had problems along the way?

Of course not, I’m a genius and all that I do close to perfection.


Humm no, I am certainly not a genius, and I make mistakes like the rest of you earthlings (yes I come from another planet), but I cling to my goals as a weed clings to his crack in the sidewalk.

My main mistake is to have designed the first model based on the bulbs that I had at home, but it turns out that this isn’t the size of the most common bulb even if it is not uncommon. I must quickly offer several sizes to be able to equip a wide variety of light bulbs. I want people to be able to find the right Silicolight for their bulb rather than the right bulb for their Silicolight.

The main technical problem I have is the depigmentation of certain colors. Fluorescent light bulbs emit a low UV radiation, which tends to discolor with time Silicolight. Sensitive colors are mostly pink, purple, red and orange light. The other colors as well as the Silicolight sifted aren’t or little affected. We are working on solutions for the next batches (different formula, supplier of pigments…).

What will serve the financing?

I’ve cleared up a lot of questions and uncertainties on the development, creation, manufacture and importation of a product, but is not going to advertise and sell my product. Landscaping and gardening are very different from the marketing and this is one of my weak points. I can plant and produce excellent tomatoes, but sell them is a bit more complicated for me.

Without further ADO, here are the reasons why I need your help:

My main goal is to have as soon as possible at least a second model to cover a wider range of light bulbs. This includes plans, production of the mould, the search for pigments, samples, testing, packaging…

The development of the website, including a better server to host the site and the creation of multilingual content. For the moment, a friend is helping me with the site, but it isn’t webmaster and doing this in addition to his work so we do the best with the means at hand!

Creating a EURL. At the moment, I am self contractor. It’s great to start at a lower cost, but it will not allow me to go far.

Rental of a garage or storage space because there are already too many cards in the House!

Broadcast Silicolight!

What happens if the funding does not reach my goal?

Not much choice in this case, I will continue to fight to make known this product that I seem to have enormous potential to share its simplicity, its originality, its effectiveness and its accessibility.

A big thank you and a hug imaginary!

But no, (sorry, I’m teasing nature) you will receive a Silicolight of course!

If you help me now, you make a deal and the shipping cost are for me! But mostly you’ll be among the first inhabitants of the Earth to have a Silicolight (even on my planet they don’t have yet)!

If you do not want or are unable to contribute financially but you think Silicolight is cool, do spread the word through all the modern tools available nowadays, telegram, morse code, smoke signals, pigeons,… you know, the usual stuff.

Your help will make all the difference! Not only will it create and grow my business, you will have also helped give life to a new concept in terms of lighting. Nothing will be easy, also playful and also accessible to create the atmosphere you want, when and where you want.

But that’s not all! I made the commitment to donate 5% of my turnover to Amnesty International. I also donate to Amnesty International 5% of funds raised during this campaign.

With your support you contribute to fight for respect, defence and promotion of the rights of man everywhere in the world. You can also

I want to thank you for reading so far. This project became my life and my passion (I never thought that change the colors of my bulbs could become a passion by the way), and with your help, I hope, a real reality really really true!

Thank you.


About the project manager

Yet? .. .you already well know too much about me! I cannot disclose more information… for now…

If you still have questions, feel free to contact the carrier of the project.