Commuting by Bicycle

Bike culture: Bicyclings Åsa Eriksson is thinking about this with bike commuting. And why it is so amazingly happy to bicycles and other times the trumpet would take the bus. Then desire to ride a bike again.

I am a period when. To bicycle commute or not bicycle commute is not really an issue – without a response.

My whole sense says that it’s the right thing to do. Motorists stands for omiljö, accidents, noise and nasty air. Cyclists represent understood instead climate smart and healthy living, but Saints Halo stands for even more.

I remember many mornings when I walked into the Office with bicycle rosy cheeks to meet the gray and sallow faces who have just stepped out of the car park, Metro or bus. You feel simply fresh when bikes to work at sunrise. And they were not awake when the man entered the cycle at home so you are guaranteed when you arrive with a cycling helmet required by CYCLINGENTHUSIASM.

Often perceived as healthy this morning hurtighet a little provocative which can evoke a sneer, with a clearly sting of jealousy and bad conscience.

When I’m in such a uppeperiod I really like to bicycle commute. I like not to be controlled by the times in the morning, and I like knowing almost exactly to the minute how long the journey will take. I the environment is just a bonus.

I had only had more frugal habits when it comes to bike gadgets, there had also been a cheap way to get around on. Two daily training sessions are managed at the program for motorists is just really boring waste of time.

Then I go into the wall.

It starts with that I get bored of driving the same route every day and try to find new alternative routes to take me up on. I osopade grumbling over bike lanes and becomes angry when I steep slopes in the quarters forgets to bring me clean stockings. My with-and the French and the wacky existence in inner-city traffic is me soon up in my throat.

In the end, I get tired of living in a backpack with stökande and bökande and showering at work every morning. Nor can I understand why I must always have the rush home after work that I am running out of me and then can’t be bothered to stand out and are a reality in the evening? On those roads I really care about and crave for.

When do I switch to the bus.

Sits and sulked over delays, counting the minutes that goes up in smoke to no avail at all and excites me at the nycyklade the colleagues who look like that provocative rosy and healthy out early in the morning. For a while. Until I get better ideas.

Then turn everything back on.