Comparing Screens, NOVA Display Vs Super AMOLED Vs Retina Display Vs. IPS LCD

We love the comparative hardware. It is a great way to really see the good that is a device beyond the performance It can prove in a single analysis. At the end and all, when are we going to buy we like to compare and see really what is best within all the possible options.

On this occasion, and with the imminent launch of the LG Black in Europe, the guys at PhoneArena have faced the screen NOVA Display This new terminal to other known old as Super AMOLED Plus, Retina Display y IPS LCD in technical tests to show what screen has been better. We see the results.

Brightness and luminance

The main attraction of the LG Black is your screen NOVA Display and already in the first point of the comparison leaves clearly behind their rivals with a luminance of 700 nits. The difference is really great if we consider the second in the list, the screen IPS LCD of LG Optimus 2 X, has a luminance 500 nits.


In this section the Super AMOLED Plus Samsung Galaxy SII has no rival. The contrast levels This terminal are spectacular and they have improved the already otherwise good display of the Samsung Galaxy S. Compared the IPS LCD screen and Retina Display also offer good results but the difference is noticeable.

Visibility of the screen with natural light

In my view one of the most important tests. The 700 nits of screen luminance NOVA Display they give a great advantage to the rest. Compared the only screen approaches technology from LG is the iPhone 4. However the LG Black hardly reflects light so you gain in this section.

Reading of texts

It must be acknowledged that the screen resolution iPhone 4 is very good and in what refers to read texts wins the rest of the screens in which is slightly noticeable pixels. The NOVA display Display and Super AMOLED Plus give a good performance in this section but are a little away from the Retina Display.

Colour gamut

The name of LG Black is not trivial since its screen is capable of displaying the Black color in a very precise way However, when it comes to show the rest of the range of color can be seen that the tones are a little warmer. Meanwhile the Super AMOLED Plus display shows the range with a hint of blue and a little saturated form. The screen representing a more faithful way the range of colors, with a 64% accuracy is the Retina Display iPhone 4.

Viewing angle

In general all screens analyzed in the comparison are perfectly from an angle of normal vision to a mobile phone user. If we force the angles we see that the screen offering higher quality is the Super AMOLED Plus Samsung Galaxy SII.

Conclusions of the analysis

The technology NOVA Display the LG Optimus Black is at the height the rest of high-end displays. In his favor: a lower power consumption, a luminance than the rest and a slight victory in terms of visibility with natural light. In the rest of sections Super AMOLED Plus and Retina Display win the battle.

Within a few days We can try the LG Black and see if the screen is as good as promises the Korean company. Study technical tests are excellent and the guys at PhoneArena have done a very good job, but now up to us check first-hand What is capable.