Connected LED Light Bulbs

The duo domotics and smartphone allows you to control everything in your home, here’s a good example with the connected light bulbs:

Category DIY: Home Automation

Level of difficulty: 1/5 (1/5 being very easy)

Connected bulbs, what is it?

A light bulb, NECESSARYHOME knows that it is well connected light bulb, it’s like a light bulb, but connected with your phone (via Bluetooth, Wifi…) or any other remote control, in order to control the light but not only…

What for?

Here some examples of uses of the connected light bulbs:


A light bulb that makes light, normal, Yes, but his favorite phone-driven, it’s better and especially if we can even vary the color of the light from a palette of color and even a photo, as her hue of Philips.

The sound:

Why not turn his blisters in small connected speakers, no need to carry his stereo, simply replace your bulb with a StriimLight of today to listen to the music and everything wireless.

A smoke detector:

Plus recently, we saw appear on the market a new bulb (BW1.1 of Bell & Wyson) that integrates a smoke detector, more need to fix a detector in its housing, just install this bulb in the right place and for food, this bulb is charging to each trigger switch. Ideal solution to comply with new regulations.

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