Contemporary Jewelry by Barbara Strauss

OIII girls, okay? Here at Luxury guess the mood is tense, very complicated! Do you think it is easy to leave the city, walking through the stores, making matters, see 1001 news, and still have to control the credit card? OOOOO suffering… no woman deserves this… this job is getting more difficult every day. But I’m glad we can share with you our perdições, so don’t suffer alone! Hahahahahaha! So come on girls, prepared for another novelty?

You already know or heard of Contemporary Jewelry via In General, Contemporary Jewel is up jewelry and semijoia, and below a conventional jewel. Is that piece of jewelry that you can use in everyday life, do you understand? See the difference:

TRADITIONAL JEWELRY: Gold Metal75% and 25% Copper, gold 18 k

CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY:75% Copper metal, 18 k gold Coating

SEMIJOIA:Brass metal, Gold Flash 18 k

COSTUME JEWELLERY:Zinc metal, 0% of Gold

We know the store of BARBARA STRAUSS, opened recently in Campo Grande (MS), and we were in love for design and quality of parts. For those who don’t know, BARBARA STRAUSS is a franchise of Sao Paulo, which has existed since 2004, being a pioneer in the wake of Contemporary Jewellery and with own manufacturing. All brand parts are made of copper, it is hypoallergenic, and lined by 18 k gold, in addition to the use of natural stones. Gems focused on current, independent woman, Fatima, who loves to be always elegant! During our sight to the store we do some flashes and now we want to share with you our new consumer desires. There there… There’s no way to resist the power of accessories… love!