Country Style Lighting Chandelier

The details in the house are important and if the style that distinguishes it is the one country, the focus is still higher. The country chandeliers are of refined furnishings, elegant and classical style, for a house that wants to relive the magical atmosphere of homes set on the Prairie.  

Chandeliers country: for lighting alternative

The country chandeliers are elements of the original furnishings that allow you to illuminate a room or a bedroom in an alternative way, for a style out of the ordinary. Who wants to give the furnishings of your home a personal touch, then, you can opt for this type of lamp, that somewhere between shabby chic and vintage allows to transform the environment in which it is incorporated. A lamp of this type adorns the ceiling, offering a homogeneous lighting: for this type can be placed in different rooms of the house, offering in any case a very nice effect. The ability of the country chandeliers, in fact, is to recreate a harmonic atmosphere, if not even melodic, with a decidedly not ordinary style and, for this reason, even more appreciable. Their maintenance and cleaning them are anything but complicated, requiring the same precautions and the same normal chandeliers attention: a feather duster to remove dust and, periodically, a wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains that may have been deposited in the course of time.

Country chandeliers: what materials to choose

One of the many strengths of the country chandeliers between them lies in their fine workmanship, which often depends on the use of many different materials, from fabric to wood, there are many options available. Among other things, the country chandeliers are often characterized by the famous pickled effect, which is becoming increasingly popular: a fake aging that values the furniture context. It can be, for example, to show the color of the underlying paint, or by making a glimpse of the various wood grains. In any case, this finishing technique for country chandeliers creates aesthetic effects of great impact. The fictional aging, among other things, can also be extended to the windows, the frames, the furniture and doors, so that the country chandeliers harmonize and re-create a perfect balance with all the furnishings. Here, then, that you can trace the high quality of chandeliers country in the contrast between the wear and sophisticated elegance, including the passage of time and refinement. Also for this reason the chandeliers country, regardless of the color variations that characterize them and the type of lighting that offer, are extremely sophisticated solutions, which do not fear the passing of time but, even, the “seek” and recreate.

Chandeliers country, eye to DIY

You love the retro style, browsing in an antiques market; you have decided to buy the country chandeliers? Whether wood or bronze can them new again. In trade there are special paints, made specifically for this type of product, which can be chosen according to the material with which they were treated in origin. The first thing to do is to retrieve all the necessary for the processing:

  • acrylic paint;
  • water-based paints;
  • brushes;

In the case of the country chandeliers it is possible to paint choosing color most suitable to the existing shades, so as to avoid creating an unpleasant effect. But it must first removing paint, sand the surface accurately and then move the various layers of color. Better opt for the acrylic paint or water because it provides a natural color of wood in addition to the fact of not being harmful. If the country chandeliers are in wrought iron or natural golden you can restore the most superficial part using spray cans or a compressor. A very useful trick is to use talc (immediately before painting) because it allows you to practice a slight abrasive action can eliminate unsightly porosity of spray paint.

Chandeliers country, timeless style

The home always requires a lot of care and attention, especially if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant environment. The kitchen is the living room in your home because it is the place where you can prepare delicious meals to be served to the relatives and close friends. The country chandeliers are essential to create the right lighting. The country chandeliers are ideal if you want to make the external environment or inside a magical place to live all year round together with close friends or your family. The most popular models are those characterized by the lines simple and sinuous. What are you waiting? Choose the country chandeliers models best suited to your needs and be inspired by our site!