Crochet Bag: 80 Cute Models with Graphics and Recipes!

An accessory always present in the women’s wardrobe is the bag, and it is rare that you only have one little model; On the contrary, it is common to have several styles of bags in different materials. And in that collection, do you already have the crochet bag?

Here at, the crochet bag is one of the possibilities that craftsmanship allows to create, and for those who like the idea or are already thinking about including the model in the collection of handbags, the post brings inspiration and tips for models, Step on how to make the accessory.

For those who do not know how to adopt the accessory as part of the look, the crochet bag is super versatile, and has even had famous international adopting the look, as is the case of Angelina Jolie , who adopted the neutral color bag as part of a Look day by day, and the accessory was able to give a value to the look.

Crochet Handbag Photos and Models


For those who want a versatile everyday handbag, the smaller versions are perfect and in this case, the model still features the long strap, which is perfect for wearing shoulder bag style.

The model was made in black string and has simple stitches at the base and only the fold, which works as a closure, has gained more detailed points, which guarantees more prominence for the accessory.

Another inspiration for a small crochet bag is the hand model.

The super compact bag has closed stitches and the crochet closure, which makes the string model even more beautiful.


For those who want a round and super stylish purse, one of the models adopted may be the Greek eye bag.

The model was made with blue and white string and forms the symbol against envy and evil eye.

Another inspiration for the round purse is the small model, which is super high and is versatile for day to day.

In this proposal, the bag was made with raw string, keeping the color neutral for the accessory, and also won the detail of fringes, which make the model even more fashionable and moving.


If you’re looking for a square and super stylish model for day to day, this hand crochet bag inspiration is perfect!

The whole bag made in simple points leaves the space of the handle free and this gives enough charm to the model, that can be used in different looks.

For those who want a version inspired by the famous designer of handbags, you can opt for square and structured models, like this version.

Here the black model is super charming because of its shape, but the silver details that make up the accessory make the bag even more beautiful!


The colorful crochet bag is a perfect bet for anyone who wants a cheerful model for everyday life.

And as inspiration for this colorful option, the model here is a simpler version and made from crochet squares , where each square is made separate and then joined together to form the piece.

Another inspiration to leave the colorful look is to make stripes of different colors for the composition of the bag.

In this case, the accessory still won wooden handles, which give much more style to the item.

With flowers

The crochet bag is already a charm by itself, but you can still gain some details that will enhance it, such as crochet flower decoration.

As inspiration of the bag with flowers, this model was made all in pink string and won the application of small flowers.

The handbag model is a handy version, with a built-in strap and perfect for the day.

Another idea to decorate the bag with crochet flowers is this proposal, where the yellow bag has open stitches, and won the application of crochet flowers of different colors.

The mix of colors made the piece super cheery and perfect for highlighting the look.

Type Tote Bag

The tote bag style is a perfect model for a day look, since it has an intermediate size and fits several items.

As inspiration for a crochet bag style tote, this inspiration was made of raw string and with handles in the same style.

To give a valued on the model, the bag gained the detail of the satin ribbon , which forms a loop in the bag.

Among the various bag style models, this version has simple stitches and thin chain straps.

As the model is neutral, the bag has won crochet applications in the same color, but that guarantee the model stand out.

Type Bag

The bag bag is a perfect inspiration for a practical look and with a shoulder style model.

And for those who want to be inspired by this type of bag, the model here is a yellow version with closed stitches, and with handle and handle in caramel leather.

Another idea to recreate the model bag in the crochet bag is this version, where even the handle and the handle are crochet.

The turquoise color gives a lot of emphasis to the look, and is perfect for adding a touch of color to a summer look.

With fringe

If the idea is to add a bag with fringes in the collection, the crochet model is a great proposal.

In this case, the bag was made in black string and the fringes are on the bottom of the bag, which gives a moving detail to the item.

In addition to the whole bead string, the model still has the crochet handle, retaining a unique style for the item.

In addition to the models of bags, a variation can still be in relation to the type of string, and in this proposal the idea was to use a soft color gradient string .

The square and shoulder bag is perfect for day-to-day and even has the button made of string.


Synonymous with wisdom, the owl entered as a print for various decorative objects, and even as a proposal to look at the owl bags.

As an idea for crochet bag decorated with owls, the model here is a square and brown version with colorful owls, which guarantee a lot of emphasis on the item.

One variation of the square model is the round owl bag, like this inspiration.

The base of the item is round and with colored strings, and the little face was formed in the part that is folded and closes the bag.

To beach

For those who want a simple and beautiful beach bag, this model is a perfect inspiration.

The crochet bag is a mix of stitches, and has the advantage of open stitches, which help remove excess sand from the bag.

Another perfect model for the beach bag is this version made in vibrant colors of gradient string.

The model besides bringing the colorful of summer, still won the themed application with coconut tree and sun, which refers to the beach.


For little girls who also love a little bag, crochet inspirations are also perfect for children.

And as a proposal for a children’s crochet bag, the idea here was to re-create the Hello Kitty character in a little bag.The result is a super charming bag!

Without a character as thematic for children’s bag, the idea here was to make a round and colorful model, which is super joyful.

In addition to the colors, the bag was still decorated with crochet flowers, which value the child’s bag more.

How to Make Step by Step with Graph and Recipe

And if you’re already imagining yourself in your crochet bag, the good news is you can create beautiful patterns at home.

To help you with this step, we separate graphics and recipes from how to make the bag step by step.

So, just separate the needles and the string and get the job done!

And if you love the model used by Angelina Jolie, we also separate 2 graphics of how to make the bag, so you can recreate the model and invest in a look inspiration from the famous.

Have you chosen your favorite crochet bag model yet? So, now just complete the collection and adopt the accessory with part of the looks.