Customize Sneakers Vans Galaxy: Tips How to Make Video, Price

Be innovative and stylish presents as sets in recent times, has already left sets those conventional standardized templates and found in any store. It was sometimes very common to see someone with something very similar to your, or even equal. That would fall to the ground, because a lot of people put in your style just demonstrating their own tastes, so the costuming of pieces so that they fit together in the alternate styles that we see every day with new items and little seen.Fashion sneakers Vans, have Invaded the feet of several teenagers who, in addition to being comfortable and relaxing in style looks promise. What do you say customize vans shoes?

The models, although present innovation and unusual prints still are target of customization by the young people who use and abuse of creativity to express your taste in visual, that’s how I came about the Vans Shoes Galaxy is a bit complex to do but you can only take a few matters that are not hard to find.

How To Customize Vans Shoes

Material To Customize Sneakers Vans Galaxy:

– Liquid fabric paints, the colors you want;

-1 sponge dishwasher:

-1 old toothbrush;

-1 fine brush;

As the way to acquire this effect Galaxy is a little stiff, I separated a video that shows a step by step how to making it. Check out how to customize vans shoes Galaxy:

Video Of How To Customize Vans Shoes

The shoes cost on average R $150.00 and as fashion is pretty easy to find at popular stores convêncionais models, as used in the video.

Release your imagination and get unique objects according to your style! Learn to customize sneakers vans Galaxy walk through via