Daphne Schippers Profile

It is the summer that makes it possible for us to experience the often unexpected moments in sport. Thanks Dafne Schippers, we know that August 24, 2016 the weather will?? s sporting moments. She predicts already at the age of sixteen in a program for Zappsport since its golden race will be. Focus on speaking.But in the summer of 2014, this sport was born in Utrecht already made himself immortal with victories in the 100 and 200 meters at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich. By their action, we know that it is difficult to have an opinion on the choice of athletic 2014.


It can, but that sometime after the summer of 2001, a somewhat lanky girl reports on the course of Hellas in Utrecht Overvecht.She began as a seven year old with tennis, but she had no feeling. What I noticed during a charity was already her ability to walk. She had to go and try athletics. Immediately the second time they came to Hellas won a competition to force majeure. From that moment her great love athletics got a lot where they put aside. Her classmates thought it but a little of it.


In 2002, the then 20-year-old athlete on the biggest sporting event in the world, the Olympic Games. There, in London attacked her burgeoning and diverse talent at all. Besides the grueling heptathlon, where she performed meritorious came Dafne with the relay team in the final of the 4×100 meters. This would be the beginning of an international sporting career is currently not yet completed. In fact, it seems only just begun. A French newspaper reported already that the female Ursain Bolt has increased.

Sprint Numbers

It was in July 2014 when she and her coach Bart Bennema a conversation about where to draw; her beloved-around or sprint? Should it be what may be the pins? After all, so much training effort, not the sprint on the planet. She divides her time between the various components in the heptathlon and then come up once or twice a week pins.She knows that her competitors are doing at least once a day for seven days with the perfection of these figures.Bart keeps her before she apparently has not coordination and strength to cope with it. In addition, she has Dutch record of 200 meters in a heptathlon. Dafne know that during an internship in America ?? Trick ???? has found the search for relaxation in the body. It is basically using the Ursain to put their rivals in dramatic disadvantage.

Den all-around

Dafne was well with young people. She has won several national championships, Euro and became champion in the juniors world. At age 17 Dafne won his first national all-around title at the seniors. At the European Championships 2009 in Turin she finished 17 years in fourth place in the heptathlon, where all the other athletes on average, two years older. At the Canadian Junior Championships in Moncton a year later she is conquering the world title in the heptathlon.
In 2011, the year started well for Dafne. They qualified with ease and a new Dutch youth record for European Championship. There, in Paris, she reached the semifinals. In late May, enhances she Gotzis Dutch record in the heptathlon. Still in 2011, thirty years old record of Els Vader at 200 meters there. At the World Championships in Daegu, she went over the line in a magnificent time of 22.69 seconds. And to think that this record would pulverize the summer of 2014.


The highlight of Dafne’s participation in the 2012 Olympics in London. In addition to a more than creditable eleventh place that brought her to the top of the world, she was also stopped along the 100 meter relay. In the 200 meters, she turned out also to be the fastest of all women. An excellent prelude to better performance because it is Dafne well known that they will not rest until they have all been removed.
The match in the Dutch relay team in London was the highlight of Dafne ?? s Olympic debut. With Kadene Vassell, Eva Lubbers and Jamile Samuel, she went in the series to a new national record in the 4×100 meters. In the final foursome to sixth place. A great achievement, but not enough for the ambitious Dafne who has put his soul in order to access a major tournament in a team prize.


And then in August 2014 and displayed Dafne on a Wednesday evening in the stadium in Zurich was going to make her favorite role. And how! The public is on the beach as they rush to a mighty victory. The pressure is even greater when the now 22 years old from Utrecht who says with a smile that she particularly enjoys what she does. And then on Friday 200 meters. The starting gun sounds and Dafne rushes into the first corner. So when it reaches the right end, she turns out to long distance competition. She puts the turbo and rushing towards an incredible time at 11:03. The public and press are proud of. They have seen the queen of European athletics has increased his faith.During the next thirty years, we are confident that Daphne’s name will be heard regularly in sports history.
Striking natural to success at the European Championships athletics just because of women’s writing. Do they have more talent or are they ambitious? It does not much matter, because their performance with that of Dafne in front of their historically Netherlands. Perhaps with that realization the new hero flowing tears ran. The mayor of Utrecht has probably already been recalled from holiday to receive his colleague worthy if she returns home. He can still stay away just because Dafne first announced a week to go on vacation. Just disappointed remains a failed relay but two gold sprints as a triumph and they definitely can proudly look back on hot places.