Darts History and Rules

According to many darts is a typical sports bar. True or not, the fact is that the darts are increasing in popularity. There are now hundreds of clubs and spectators in Lakeside existence each year from a big pile Dutch.


Darts is probably the oldest English pub sport. It has been played since 1927, but only about 1970 began to gain popularity. World War II has played a major role in spreading the sport, the soldiers who came ashore in England, took the sport namely home. In the Netherlands, this sport was really popular when Raymond van Barneveld came to the summit, and in 1998 won the Embassy.

He was

When the darts are many different games. The most famous is “501.” In this game players as the first 501 points molding. Must end with a so-called double, the outer ring of the dartboard. This game is always played in major tournaments, including the lake.
There are also several other games, such TicTac, you take all the points from 10 to 20 and Bull must beat three times. When you play 170 games of who the first 170 casting. You start with 170 and throws for example 40, then it’s up to your opponent to throw 130 etcetera. Apparently, believe that there are different games, let your creativity flow!


  • 1. Dartboard to be mounted on a wall in such a manner that the center of the dart board, bull, located at 173 cm high from the floor.
  • 2. The need to throw away, measured horizontally from the front of the chalkboard, 237 centimeters.
  • 3. throw line, or “Ochi,” must be clearly labeled and must be at least 45 centimeters long.
  • 4. Use good and good light. It is appropriate to keep up two spots on each side of the slot above the board. This prevents shadow on the plate.

Board of Directors

  • The middle ring called triple, this point three times
  • The outer ring is called the double, the score is counted twice
  • The white and black areas are counted the first time
  • In the middle of the board’s Bulls Eye, shows this box 50 points
  • The green ring around the Bull’s Eye is called the Bull and represents a point on the 25th.

The arrows

An arrow consists of three parts: the barrel, shaft and Spain.

  • The flight is the “flag” on the top of the arrow is in the thousands of graphics, shapes and sizes.
  • The shaft is to obtain the area between the barrel and the flight, they are of various lengths, thicknesses and materials.
  • The barrel is the part where you hold the arrow. It is the most important part of the arrow, because here everything depends on it. Want a heavy or a light dish? If your score is completely off, you do not buy new barrels, for about € 5 You can leave items replaced in a darts store. This can be around three times does, then they really are and you will have to buy new barrels. If your score is a bit blunt, you can sharpen them with a whetstone, these are on sale for around two euros.


In the Netherlands, meanwhile, are hundreds of darts clubs. In England there are the two most famous darts organizations: the BDO and PDC. Other official ranking is BWDT, DDF, NDB, timeless and WDF.
BDO stands for British Darts Organisation, this association founded in 1973. BDO organizes the most famous darts event: Lakeside in Frimley Green, England. This event was known until a few years ago the embassy and has been held since 1978. But BDO gradually loses the status as the great darts players often switch to the PDC.
PDC is hosting the big names in world darts: Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Bob Anderson, Colin Lloyd, Wayne Mardle, John Part… PDC was founded in 1992 when a representation of sixteen topdarters. Several Dutch darters switched to the PDC: Michael van Gerwen, Jelle Klaassen and Vincent van der Voort. Raymond van Barneveld had moved earlier. Dutchman Roland Scholten play in this league.

Sport pub eller sport

According to many arrows, like chess and checkers, no sports. If you see the bodies, most darters, it seems really a sport. With appropriate drinking behavior is concluded quickly, but mentally darts is an absolute top sports. But although most darters important, but they do a lot of endurance, and even dart throwing itself is physically demanding. Remember that the real pros throwing eight hours per day, which is a normal working day!


Darts you can get darteritis, this sounds like a fiction, but is a recognized illness. Darteritis is a mental disorder, and is caused by the poor performance of the player. The player is angry with himself because he throws bad, and thus will throw even worse, a vicious circle. Eventually the player far his arrow can not let go, he does projectile motion, but do not let the arrow go. If the arrow eventually thrown out anyway, they usually ended up near the board.
Darteritis remedy is to start again with darts, that is just haphazardly throw to the plate. Eventually you begin to focus your growing again and get back you go to your old level. It is said that every darts player who is serious about this sport, gets at least once darteritis.

League Darts

In just a few years the darts competition also started a major achievement. Many major unions specializes in regional and even national competitions. Competition dart happened especially in a team. It must play a minimum of four members per team. It is recommended to keep more members per team to keep it at a sufficient level, for example, when a person can not, or are not in shape.
The installation of a league are as follows:
The four members of the team all play a single game against another opponent. This is called the single. Each won the game delivers a point for the team. The design of these games will vary from the best of three legs, the top five legs, depending on the level that you play. Typically, however, the normal version of the 501 points in question.
After this couple get their turn. Each player has a fixed torque action played twice against the two pairs opponent.These are a total of four couples. Also applies here; torque each won a point for the team. Even when couples are volgends played 501 points variant. The amount put this is almost always the best of the five.
later, the team game turn. It was suggested by the whole team against the entire opposing team. This is the last and final to earn points. In the team game can be much difference in the shape and length, on the basis of their level of play. Recreational and final divisions often play the game tactics. You should meet most boxes on the board.Additionally, 501, 701 and even 1001 points played as the best of the first or best of 3 legs. This is also dependent on the level.
At the end of the evening there is therefore earn a maximum of 9 points. These points will always result in a rash 9 where all the points are distributed over the two teams. An example of a rash 8-1.
Of the substantially similar levels within a division is the continuous uislagen still often 5-4 or 6-3.


Nowadays so many darts tournaments are organized every weekend enthusiast can participate in several tournaments in his immediate vicinity. This is often played on the principle of a knock-out system. When someone has lost a match, he / she will have the opportunity to go further in a separate circular, the losers round.Once again it lost the tournament for this person ends.
Some darters are so fanatical they expire, many of these tournaments. By darts compounds are also annual ranking tournaments. Here, points are earned depending on the results achieved by the player.