Day Spa at Home: Tips to Take Advantage of the Before and After

Let’s be reasonable: it is of no use to us to provide all the products for that “day spa at home” if there is not a scenario that supports this production, don’t you think? There is no foot spa, bath salts and facial mask that you can make miracle if you decide to do everything in twenty minutes, in the corner of the laundry and dying of hunger or weariness.

Day Spa at Home Tips to Take Advantage of the Before and After

For that you do not fall in this error, we selected four simple points, but very important for the before and after of skin treatments. So, your day spa will be much more tasty.

Tips for the Day Spa Home

1. Give charm to the place

The bathroom or the room does not need to be huge. What matters is that the chosen environment is cozy for these horinhas relaxation. Vale, for example, spread some scented candles, perfect in the indirect lighting of lamps, and choose soft towels and fragrant. A hobby beautiful and comfortable, also help to create a climate of personal satisfaction.

  1. Tummy full

Day spa happy is one in which the people do not feel hunger, nor before, nor during nor after. So, eat a good and healthy way: opt for natural products – such as salads, fruit and whole grains -, abuse of the teas that * it can detoxifies and drink plenty of water. Many foods are “natural remedies” for skin.

  1. Assemble a playlist

Most of the people prefer soothing sounds for relaxing, such as classical music or sounds of nature such as the rain or the song of birds. But this is not the rule. If that makes him relax is a good rock, is also certain. What you need is to have a playlist assembled before their fingers touch in the first scrub.

  1. Invest in automassagem

When you finish all the treatments, make a automassagem simple and relaxing: with the hands in the shells, take beats as well gentle in the arms, legs and neck. If you feel pain at any point, press with your thumb. Besides being relaxing, this automassagem activates the circulation.

  1. Read, dance, sleep…

Finalize your “day spa” by doing something that you enjoy very much and who don’t have the time to do the day-to-day. It may be read one Russian novel that is at the head of the bed for months, or watch a movie that you have indicated for a long time and you never get to spend the first minutes because you live in a exhausted, or may even be the case to finalize your “day spa” with a “sleep out of time”. Imagine being able to sleep from 18h until 22h in the middle of the day useful? It’s very luxury!

This is it. Before arranging the pots of creams on the counter of bathroom, remember that a day spa is an event that deserves a programming to the height to which, in fact, you stick to it, not only more beautiful but also more relaxed and happy.

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