, the Social Network for Designers and Architects

In recent days we have seen a lot of people comment on the social websites on a new service that aims to centralize images of beautiful things to a specific class of professionals. A Pinterest for architecture, design and decoration. Since Thursday, is in the air a social network beautiful to see and easy to use that gives Internet users the chance to create profile with collection of figures that can serve as inspiration for others.

With a name like that, the not have to explain or tell you came. The proposal is relatively simple: publish photos and images with great ease. It is closed to guests (we promocodes at the foot of this article!), So that the site’s creators found to maintain a certain standard of quality in what appears to other Internet users. Anyone can see the collections of figures; to post, but only with proper authorization.

I talked to Rodrigo Prior, one of the founders and CEO of on what the site is now and what it can become in the future. According to Rodrigo, a subject that I follow is time on social networks, the was created due to the lack of the kind services, to offer creative references exclusively for professionals in architecture, design and decoration. The organizes and allows you to track what other users post by subject, which tends to facilitate such monitoring by aligning personal tastes in common.

Prior talks about the explosion of access through which passes the “social web”. Still, there was a meeting point for professionals in the decoration and the like. The three founders of the site share this mutual interest in good architecture, good design and good decoration. They put the site up to cater to this niche professionals.

As I said, it’s a service closed to guests. I disagree with the decision to keep the toy exclusive to some. The CEO defends himself by saying that, in this way, there are mechanisms to defend the quality of the site. Additionally, users who really matter come gradually thanks to the release site in the specialized medium – in specialized sites and vehicles.

What features should wait for future updates “We are working on some features to make it even more interesting, including improving the social aspect of our network. Also in preparation are some tools that dramatically change the way brands, professionals and decoration lovers relate. “This is the Prior of promise.

Lucky for the readers our site the staff released a promotional code that unlocks the full access to the site. Take note: 2ee09101c581. They are a hundred activations for those interested in the service.