Decorate Your Caravan with Vinyl

Customize your caravan for holidays

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready to receive it. Surely many are already immersed in the operation summer in the gym, planning holidays, looking at air conditioners … and the most fortunate owners maybe you are tuning and decorating your caravan or camper to get it rolling soon.This entry … goes for you!

We point out, before beginning to teach examples, that the vinyls that you can find here, serve both to decorate caravans and motor homes as for any vehicle.The only consideration in this respect is really the size.We have a multitude of combinations of sizes and colors, for a perfect fit.In several of our vinyls, you will find in the description if they come in duplicate (for both sides of the vehicle), so that you can use them to customize the side of the caravan without problem.

In vehicles, as in everything, we can personalize certain aspects to make them “more ours”.Everyone has a predilection for a color, style, musical group, film, cultural aspect … why not bring this passion to the decoration of the caravan?

Special Vinyls for Caravans

You can start with something more or less neutral, like the vinyl for the sides, available in various colors .In the following example you can see it in blue ranges, but in addition, if you do not find the color that fits you best, you can contact TeleAdhesivo to appreciate the customization in the specific color you want.

Stickers for all vehicles

And if you want to continue with the personalization of the caravan , you can opt for an extensive range of adhesives, perhaps in smaller sizes, with which you can decorate smaller or punctual elements and provide an extra dose of character to your caravan:

  • Coats of arms of soccer clubs
  • Sailors motives
  • TV Wallpapers
  • Music Wallpapers
  • Vinyl sheets with carbon fiber finish
  • Miscellaneous numbers

You have many more vinyls and adhesives at your disposal in our online vinyl shop .You can use the finder to quickly locate the vinyl you have in mind.Start typing a word (for example: real madrid, car, rolling …) and then you will find suggestions of products that respond to these searches.

Your own text on vinyl

And remember that you can also order vinyl text. Neovideogames offers the online tool of vinyl text to introduce a personalized phrase or number to which give size, color and style determined to get a text design to your measure.


  • Stickers tuning brands
  • Mythical stickers
  • Baby on board stickers

And you, how would you personalize your caravan?
Leave us a comment by sharing your ideas!