Decoration of Tiles of Clay Pot

Last hangover, the handyman challenge we return to “normal” after a week of intense of posts when, as you know, I usually publish only on Fridays. But the circumstances rule and challenge 87 of my friends Sandra and Dani from Sandry Creaciones and the quote that you can’t miss theCreative Feria Valencia this week have had a hat-trick.

You see, everyone knows that I’m the fan number one Christmas, it should be the fifth season of the year lol, but if there is no Christmas spring has its charm. All flowers and a beautiful green mantle covers the landscape. The Sun accompanies us more hours by granting more time, as giving a second chance throughout the day do those things that you always excellent. More than anything because my second hobby are plants, gardening, and this is the season in which I apply me in this my second hobby.

Whether you are a garden as if you have little space on balconies or terraces the pots or pots comprise essential in your “layette” gardener. Most will be Brown, clay or plastic, but Brown and give them a personal touch can become a decorative as well as fulfill its main function object. Yes, already, many will think that all this what get is remove, subtract protagonism to the precious plant in flower that contains, which, at the end and at the end should be the protagonist in this function. Not I who remove him reason to think so, but veamoslo from another point of view; and on those occasions where little space is available and the amount of pots is very high? Because not to add “protagonists” to the scene and adorn it twice?

In this post, anylistintheus will tell you how to make some easy way to decorate a flowerpot with clay tiles. We will give you color and full of life. The first thing will be to make the tiles. Shapes and size will be to everyone’s taste. In my case I have used a few cutters fondant that I bought at a pastry shop.But, as you can see in the video, you can make them without mold.

Once we have the tiles them will be sticking with white glue, creating the form that we like.

Paint the entire surface with acrylic paint to give a base to later paint where we shall provide the colors.

Now we get to our interior painter and give color to the tiles. Bright and cheerful colors will always be the most striking, but you should think about those that best combine in the chosen place.

And turn to those boards that have been us to put the tiles. With paste of grout or sealant will equalize the surface. We’ll do it by hand and with care not to drop any tile. This step is going to give an extra fixing them.

Already only it we will have give a protective ceramic varnish and enjoy it with that plant that both deserves a special container. In addition, it can be a perfect gift. Have you never given a plant? Then imagine that plant in a pot decorated by you and with a finish so… perfect.

The materials you will need are:

Flowerpot or flower pot



Acrylic paints

PuTTY or sealant

Ceramic varnish

As always here you have the video with step by step that you should not miss if you want to do your own work:

I leave also other videos work with tiles that can give you ideas.

Mini garden with clay tiles

As already just this intense week. See you in the next post. kisses!