Decorative and Customizable Wall Clocks

The adhesive wall clocks have always been our favorite gifts, being inside the best-selling our site

And we do not miss a hair: they are decorative gifts that everyone likes, having a great variety in designs and maintaining a very attractive point in common: they are completely customizable, which means that we can vary their size, Choose the default time stamps or put other numbers that we think are better. And what better way to personalize a wall clock than buying the hands separately and then paint, paste or edit the most appropriate numbers for the rest of the house decoration?Well that’s really simple with the Hands wall clocks, keeping a common design and two sizes to choose from. With different colors for each model, of course.

As good decorative gifts, the Hands wall clock has metal hands with dimensions generous enough to decorate any bare wall, having diameters of 45 and 52 centimeters. You can imagine: any living room, bedroom or office with a Hands wall clock will gain presence, personality and possibility to know the time at all times, being readable to the naked eye at least if you look at the size. Because, of course, this watch does not have numbers for the hours thinking that it will be us who will create ours, offering almost infinite options. For example, do you imagine a Hands wall clock that we painted the marks with acrylic paint? Or one that we personalize with different vinyls representing the time stamps. Or, even by striking normal stickers, there are as many designs as possible, as great as our imagination. And guaranteeing always that there will be an elegant, original, fun, striking and useful wall, gaining in personality and contributing charisma to the decoration of the environment.

Do you already know where to put one of these Hands Wall clocks and what numbers will you award at the time? Well, all you need is the hands, which you can order in the next image. You have two sizes and several colors, surely there is a Hands for you.