Decorative Lanterns: Incredible Models and Photos!

See the most beautiful references of decorative lanterns with use examples.There are 60 photos to inspire.

The lantern is a versatile item in decoration, as it varies in size, models, shades and ways to use. Therefore, it is very common to see her in homes or parties – especially at weddings – giving more beauty and elegance.

The idea of ​​using this decorative object in your residence can leave the environment with another face, as it creates a prominent item and brings more coziness to the place. A well-known model is the Moroccan lantern, known for richness in details, sophisticated finishes and vibrant colors. It is usually made of metal with beautiful designs and arabesques forming a kind of mosaic. The delicacy of the piece falls like a glove in oriental-style settings or that relaxing corner with armchairs and loungers.

Outside areas become even more vibrant with a set of lanterns hanging from pergolas or the lining itself, if it is on an apartment balcony. To make the pool super-stylish, position the lanterns all over the edge and light candles inside the stands to create an intimate setting.

Already in the room, the item can be docked on a sideboard or placed on the steps of the stairs. The most common is to see it alone, but if you prefer the pair, try to position it side by side. Oh, and there is no definite rule: you can choose different or equal models. It’s up to you!

Models and photos of decorative lanterns

Decor Easy appreciates for the good taste and style, so we support this item in the decoration.Check out 60 creative ideas below and get the inspiration you need here to leave any amazing ambiance with the flashlights or other lighting accessory:

Picture 1 – They look beautiful when distributed on the dining tables, because they create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Picture 2 – The format of lantern leaves the room more charming and delicate.

Picture 3 – Try innovating by placing light wires inside the glass chandelier.

Picture 4 – The Moroccan lantern follows the more rustic line and with artisan work.

Picture 5 – Make a composition with different sizes and heights.

Picture 6 – Leave the perfect place to relax inserting the lantern in outdoor areas with sun loungers.

Picture 7 – One tip is to hang them in the lining of residential balconies

Picture 8 – Make your garden more cheerful by hanging the colored lanterns on the pergola cover.

Picture 9 – The Moroccan lantern is a beautiful decorative ornament.

Picture 10 – The cage is a multifunctional option that can be used with candles.

Picture 11 – This lamp creates the candle effect in the environment.

Picture 12 – The flashlight can have the most rustic touch with these details in strings.

Image 13 – Generally they are placed in pair forming a harmonic composition with the surroundings.

Picture 14 – On holidays they can create a super playful effect in the pool.

Picture 15 – They give all the delicate touch in the nursery.

Picture 16 – And can be a great dinner table adornment.

Picture 17 – The round lanterns carry the oriental touch to the place.

Image 18 – Another option is to use them as floor lamps.

Picture 19 – The lanterns hanging on trees are a charm only!

Picture 20 – They can have protection of glass, avoiding accidents.

Picture 21 – Give a relaxed air with a set of flashlights.

Picture 22 – In toilets, they provide a half boho chic style.

Picture 23 – Decorate your living room sideboard with this decorative ornament.

Picture 24 – The round balls can both decorate the house as a party.

Picture 25 – The lantern creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere on the porch.

Image 26 – For those who own a wooden deck, you can decorate the place with lanterns and vases.

Image 27 – They are welcome in corridors and stairs.

Image 28 – Inspire yourself in the lanterns for a minimalist decoration.

Picture 29 – The lantern is an indispensable piece in the rustic style.

Image 30 – You can replace the traditional large vases with floor lamps.

Picture 31 – It gives all the soft and elegant touch in the pool.

Picture 32 – A nice idea is to decorate the shelves with the decorative lanterns.

Picture 33 – These balloons give more charm to this balcony.

Image 34 – Try to harmonize all decorative objects so that they form a harmonic composition.

Picture 35 – Do yourself the decorative lanterns.

Image 36 – Moroccan lanterns have creative shapes and designs.

Picture 37 – The use of the candle inside the lantern is a great option to leave the atmosphere more cozy at night.

Picture 38 – The colored lanterns are a great suggestion to leave the atmosphere cheerful.

Picture 39 – The most rustic models look great positioned next to an external bench.

Picture 40 – In the external area the use of items on the floor leave the space more cozy.

Picture 41 – Decorate the wall with the effect of the lanterns of wire.

Picture 42 – Make a mix of lanterns by playing with sizes and models.

Picture 43 – Another proposal is to decorate the party with the same color playing with the tonalities.

Image 44 – Aged gold is ideal for a more rudimentary decor.

Picture 45 – Make a composition with lamp holders and plants.

Picture 46 – The edge of the pool is the best place to support them.

Picture 47 – Let the mood of your home more festive with the paper lanterns.

Image 48 – Decorate baby’s room with decorative lanterns.

Picture 49 – Support the lanterns at the end of the seats. This is a modern proposal that does not get in the way of everyday life.

Picture 50 – Decorative metal lantern with colored stones.

Picture 51 – To decorate the party table: alternate the lanterns with potted plants.

Image 52 – Another alternative is to hang them on ropes, playing with the height of the lanterns.

Picture 53 – Use similar models but with sizes and some different characteristics.

Picture 54 – Pure charm: position them one on each side of the armchair.

Picture 55 – It can be used on the sideboard and be the highlight of the environment.

Image 56 – It can be the centerpiece of the party table.

Image 57 – Alternate the stands with candles and flowers: have a beautiful decoration for the party.

Image 58 – Embellish the entrance of your house with the lanterns in the entrance hall.

Picture 59 – Create an intimate air in the pool with the decorative lanterns.

Image 60 – Larger lanterns can also be placed with candle.