Deep Fried Dough: How to Increase the Recipe?!

Ahhh the summer beach, Sun, heat, days longos…ai suddenly … chuvaaaaa!!! At least here in Mato Grosso do Sul, São Pedro has been fairly generous in recent days. Who live in Campo Grande is already familiar with the famous “rain of manga” that, at this time of year, falls almost every afternoon. And when it rains … Geez, there’s no way … beats aqueeela overwhelming need of doing nothing, just stretch out in bed (or couch!) and eat, eat, eat … kkkkkkk! We’re just a little bit greedy, tah? RS. Now imagine always having at hand a simple recipe, easy to make, delicious and can be increased in several ways. No wonder the DEEP-FRIED DOUGH is the most requested in the rainy days!

A cupcake that has history.

But anyway, you know the origin of this dish? Well, there you go: In your original version, at the end of the 18th century, the cookie recipe was made with cassava or Yam. Wheat was little, expensive, came from Portugal, and rare were the recipes with the Flour of the Kingdom “. On the other hand, the Cookie was made with lots of eggs, sugar, milk, fried in pork fat and took a lot of intimacy revealed in pet names as I want, I Want, weaned. Never pretend to be candy from Sinhá, nor have the delicacy of complicated points of caldas, moulded masses for hours by thin and delicate hands. Its vocation has always been the flavor and charm of the eyes of the children, who longed for the time when they come out of the wood stove, pans, when were generously sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon scented. Laid back, affectionate, soft, long were the food of the shrovetide (Carnival of so!). Were called Filós of Carnival, with Portuguese accent. Took the taste of hands slaves and perhaps that is why some have dubbed them jealous sinhazinha of black. Many slaves left the anonymity to call their names to this recipe, honor that crossed the centuries: are books of recipes where it is called Black Ambrosia or cookies from black Marcionila.

But the most famous among the authors of the Cupcake was undoubtedly created by Monteiro Lobato: no episode between the stories of the site do Pica-Pau Amarelo that don’t end with little nose, Emilia and Pedrinho eating cookies to Aunt Naeem. Who doesn’t remember the exciting adventure of the labyrinth and the Minotaur which proves the dumpling and stay with the bright eyes? After that day, aunt Naeem never stopped doing dumplings that Monster devoured without pause. “Yes, that’s the kind of relationship that saved me,” sighs Aunt Naeem to be released from the maze by cunning the! And it was, in a late 20th century that someone gave him the name of DEEP-FRIED DOUGH, recalling the joy he brought to children in the hours in which they couldn’t run or play in backyards because of rainy weather. And since then the name became definitely attached to your recipe!

Rain or shine, the DEEP-FRIED DOUGH is always welcome on the coffee table or afternoon tea!

So I broke up some recipes “augmented” for you to stay. BA-BAN-!!!

Are you salivating?

Then write down the recipe and run to do because it’s super easy!

Ingredients for the dough:

-2 Tablespoons (packed) of margarine
-3/4 of cup sugar
-2 eggs
-350 ml of milk
-¹ 2/2 cups self-raising flour
-1/2 teaspoon salt

Choose the filling/topping:

Dulce de leche; Guava, Banana, Brigadier, for Fondue or the traditional sugar and cinnamon.


Mix all the ingredients until a dough too soft nor too hard. Let heat a pan with plenty of oil so that the cookies can float. When hot start put small spoonfuls of the dough and turn down the heat so that the cupcake not be raw on the inside. Place the cupcakes on absorbent paper and then pass them in the cinnamon sugar. With the help of a knife open tool  and fill with the cookies your favorite treat!

See the ideas of fillings that have separated for you inspire …







Look to chic and delicious this dessert …

Uauuuuu … not she’s a belter with our diet? Hahahahaha … amamooosss!!!

What you thought of gastronomic palpiteco? Enjoyed?