Definitive Guide to Set up a Tent for Camping

More than assemble the tent itself, the Act of camping requires choosing the right location and other techniques that you can check out the full guide that we present below. Continue your reading and be expert in camping!

Choose the right location

This is the first tip for a good camp. Search for a place and plan other than a natural course of rainwater or water from other slopes. Never choose a gap or depression, either a place near the banks. If you choose the camping beach, watch high tide: see a Board of tides to know if you can set up your tent there.

It is very important to evaluate the resistance of tent to water before buying a camping tent through CAMPINGTOPGEAR.COM, since if you go camping by bicycle or have to carry it in my backpack on the back for long periods, take a canvas can take up a lot of space and disrupt your hike.

Prepare the soil to assemble the tent

After choosing the location, it’s time to organize it to assemble the tent: remove stones, branches and any other item that can be under the tent and disturb the occupants at bedtime, or even that can pierce the tent, causing disorders such as wind and water. It is also important that you avoid mounting the tent under trees because tree branches or fruit can fall and hurt someone or drill into the tent.

Place the canvas and the espeques

The first step in assembling the tent is extending a canvas, if necessary, so that moisture does not pass to her. The use of the canvas is determined by the type of tent acquired, being water resistant models do not require this step. If you need to use the tarp, fold it in the exact size of the tent, leaving no part stand out, so they don’t accumulate water in case of rain. Then, place the bottom of the tent on the canvas and see in which direction you want to leave the entry.

Use stakes, also calls espeques, to secure the tent on the ground and stick them in the ground at a 45-degree position. If the ground is very hard and resistant, use a hammer to the stakes stay firmly attached. If you are already in a place with more porous soil, such as the beach, put stones on them.

Fit the rods

Now, it’s time to fit the rods. The tents can come with numbered pipes must be assembled according to the manufacturer’s guidance, or with strings that need to be well reinforced to keep the tent taut. Once docked, the pipes shall bow themselves, and then we need to lift it to fit them on hooks or in another component of your structure.

Attach the sobreteto

The sobreteto is a layer of tissue that must be placed on the tent. You need to stretch it well and enhance the setting with the risers that come with the tent. If the sobreteto is not taut, you run the risk of passing moisture to the tent and you wake upthe next day in a wet environment.

By following these tips on camping tents, you can’t go wrong! If your tent is new, it’s nice to put it together for the first time at home, before you travel, to familiarize yourself with the model. And don’t forget: always store clean and dry in an appropriate location so that you can use it again anytime. No more, just get your bagsand have fun!

And so, do you have any comment or hint to assemble the tent with ease? Write to us in the comments!