Dell Inspiron 1525 (N0352507)

Speed  with its dual-core processor in terms of speed, the tested model managed a very good result. Even programs with large footprints ran quite quickly thanks to two gigabytes of memory. This notebook is not suitable for action games. The graphics processor is integrated into the chipset and calculated only nine frames per second. Data storage  149 gigabytes, the hard drive has plenty of space for

data and programs. The DVD writer described all types of CD-rs in quite a good quality except for DVD-RAM. Image quality the picture quality of the built-in monitor was in the test in order. Only at the page view and the DVD playback, the notebook lieferet a poor result. Environment and health prima: In battery mode the device held long through three hours six minutes when working at the video play almost three and a half hours. A big shortcoming: In radiation testing, the notebook fell through. It is therefore the CE mark wrongly. Operation and equipment is installed for the wireless connection to the internet, a wi-fi card with a range of 129 meters. The touchpad as a mouse replacement is too small and somewhat inaccurate. Conclusion the inspiron 152 reached high pace of work in the test. In the light of the failed radiation testing, the notebook is but not to recommend.

Review conclusion: What you should know

In the speed measurements achieved the inspiron only a sufficiently. One reason: It has only 1 GB memory at the factory. This was noticeable especially when the initial speed, and when working with memory-hungry programs. Unfortunately both slots consume the built-in memory. Bad: The hard drive is very small it stores less than 75 gigabytes. After all, there are two advantages: It can be connected via HDMI to flat screens and flat-screen TV. It is also possible without windows startup music to listen to, DVD videos and pictures to look at. ««this product at amazon pro HDMI socket order built a quiet contra playing very slowly just 1 gigabyte memory only 1 year guarantee of maximum level of the headphones output too high mark of editorial 2.95 satisfying users rating (out of 1 reviews) alternative  the laptop MSI VR601-T2326VHP (test winner edition 8/08) convinces with its high pace of work and the two gigabyte memory. » buying advice: Notebooks » advisor : 15 brand laptops under 500 euro