Denim Miniskirt: How to Match It

The miniskirt jeans: how to match it, since it is considered the symbol of casual clothing, along with denim pants? Actually, in turn this simple and often cheap, it’s all about the accessories. The best model that fits a little personal styles, arrives in mid knee, has too many snags grunge and dark denim or black.

Apart from that in the workplace, where it’s best not to wear it for its length is not suitable for professional image, the denim miniskirt is a perfect choice for many occasions: here are some tips on how to match it.

For an appetizer. For a drink with her friends make up an outfit with whom you feel comfortable and at ease at the same time: to the top choose a leader must have as the t-shirt or the white shirt, adding a black blazer, blue or grey, medium and mini size strap heels. This look, among other things, is perfect to confuse and enchant kids.

For a tour over the weekend. That casual skirt is, according to TRAVELATIONARY, the most natural way to wear a denim miniskirt. Of course, do not think to pair it with a pair of flip-flops and an old t-shirt for any to declare the successful outfit. You can put it with short boots or sneakers, a t-shirt multicolor from original print or vintage (always well stretch) or a sexy black t-shirt with v-neck and complete with a leather jacket and you are ready for a walk to the Lake, at the flea market or for a concert in the Park.

At the beach. If you are wearing a bathing suit to go to the beach or pool, think about the practicality of wearing a denim miniskirt at the bottom and how you can remove it in a moment to dive into the water once you arrive: the costume will do, in fact, from the top and you can store in your bag easily skirt without thinking to rub it down too. A black denim skirt, in this case, is perfect: you can reach for example the bar wearing without showing the stains of water produced by the still-wet suit.

On a first date. The miniskirt jeans you can wear it even for a first date, for a coffee, a drink and even a dinner, as long as it is in a non-formal environment nor elegant. Accessories must aim, then, in a feminine and relaxed: you can choose a silk blouse with floral or polka dots, combined with average clutch and heels, and you’re done.