Deuter ACT Lite Backpack Review 65 + 10 l

In this review, I will talk about the Backpack ACT 65 + 10 l Lite from Deuter. She is part of the ultrasonic ligth line composed of 5 bags, that being the largest model with maximum capacity of 75 litres and weighing 1.99 kg.

Mochila Deuter ACT LiteI tested it on both backpacking and trekking. If you follow the posts here on the blog have probably seen pictures of her on our trip through Latin America and in our tracks and crossings on the northern coast of São Paulo.

I’m not a big fan of using backpacks above 45 litres, always preferred load few things and little weight, however, this backpack I loved, even if it is great, it fits nicely in the back and is extremely comfortable even with a lot of weight. The cargo transfer system your of it transfers approximately of 70% of the total weight of the backpack to the waist, thus relieving the load on his shoulders.

Deuter ACT Lite Backpack technical information 65 + 10 l

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite

Maximum capacity: 65 + 10 liters

Fabric: Deuter/Deuter Lite Macro Ripstop 210/Deuter Super Polytex

Dimensions: 86 x 36 x 32 cm

Weight: 1,990 g (backpack) + 90 g (cover) = 2,080 g

Colors: Grey/Red

Manufacturer: Deuter

Main Features

Adjustment system

For the bag stay snugly to the body, she has a system called VariQuick where you regulate the height of the handles for improved comfort and for that the barrigueira stay in the correct location, causing the load distribution system works as it should.

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite


The side with AirContact ventilation system (hence the name ACT) that is already known in the large backpacks, help in the comfort of a backpack, besides him being soft, it reduces the perspiration and the temperature of the back, a very nice help for hiking walking several hours under strong sunlight.


She has a barrigueira, with two large pockets, one on each side. The barrigueira adjustment system is in Z, which facilitates the adjustment without making too much effort, even with the bag full.

For who is small like me, after adjusting the barrigueira spare enough hanging ribbon, then behind the pockets there is a gap called a garage where you can scroll and keep the leftover Ribbon so she doesn’t get loose swinging in the body.

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite


The breastplate is used to stabilize the bag, especially when it is loaded, this backpack he is quite comfortable and a detail is the height adjustment, a legal setting mostly for women to adjust the breastplate below or above the breasts not causing any discomfort.


On the sides of the bag there are two really big pockets to put a bottle of water or some other item.

She also has two compression strips on each side, for those using thermal insulator to take EVA he stuck on the side without any problem, I usually carry a tripod photography and he is tight.

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite

Water tank compartment

Here is where I think the bag suffers, as well as several other brands and models of bags. The compartment for the water tank has a capacity of a reservoir of up to 3 liters, however, is inside the bag with a small separation between the tank and the other things. While the bag is empty is a piece of cake to put and take the tank, however, when the bag is well loaded it is very difficult to take and mostly put back since things inside of bag pressure closing the magazine. Taking this inconvenience that you just have a little more time to reload the shell, it works and it’s still practical time to moisturize.

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite

Other features

Secondary characteristics, the bag has 2 brackets to staves or piquetas in the back

Has a half opening on the bottom of the bag that the access to the lower compartment, it may or may not be used as a separate compartment from the rest of the Pack.

Her cover is telescopic and can not be separated entirely from the backpack. There is a large pocket on the outside of the lid and one on the inside.

Mochila Deuter ACT Lite

This line comes with a raincoat just in Brazil and comes the part, then there is a unique pocket for her as some backpacks, I usually take it in his pocket out of cover to get a quick access in case of necessity, since no one wants to look for a raincoat just in time of rain.

One thing that bothers me a bit in the bag is the excess of tapes left over after fully adjusted. Not that it impinges on something, it’s more a matter of aesthetics. To resolve I picked up a velcro tape, sew on ribbons and Tip After adjusting I curl up and arrest with velcro �

General Assessment

Overall this shows an excellent backpack for those looking for a simple design and weight reduction for trekking and backpacking. The material is very sturdy, the backpack is lightweight and lose points only on the practicality of using the water tank which also drops a little your ease of use.

One detail to be taken into consideration, who intends to use it only on mochilões, can miss a pocket with front opening with full access to the inside of the bag. Get a suit that is in the middle of it using just the opening at the top is not always easy. Look for a backpack of Quantum model for example can be an interesting alternative.