Different Types of Backpacks

If you’re going camping, the ideal is to have a backpack. OK, it’s forgivable that you bring a bag, if you drive. But understand that the difference between a case and a backpack goes far beyond the format:
A “backpacker” is an adventurer, an Explorer, a person who is open to new experiences, that carries your stuff in your own back, so self-sufficient and sustainable.
A “trunk” is only what is on top of the wardrobe.
Anyway, joking aside, in general you can say that there are three kinds of bags: the all-cargo, the attack and the hydration.
The SIZEABLEHANDBAGS has those large backpacks that people usually use to travel, have normally between 40 and 90 litres.That’s right, the ability to load rucksacks is measured in litres. A backpack of 40, 50 or 60 liters is ideal for shorter trips and Getaways;the 70 liters or more are those that people usually use to spend some months mochilando the world. They tend to be very resistant and comfortable.
As general characteristics, we can say that usually they have several adjustments to adjust to the body; also have several pockets, some have built-in raincoat, and still others are waterproof. This type of bag has evolved a lot over the last few years and today, in addition to having a barrigueira (belt that holds the hip backpack to lighten the weight on the back), they also have, at the back, materials that facilitate the backpacker.
There are different brands, models, prices and features. In the future we will make an article talking about aspects that have to be taken into account when buying a backpack freighter. If you do not already have one, and plan to start camp soon, start in a countdown to the purchase of your cargo. She will be your great companion of many adventures.
RAID backpacks
Also called backpack for everyday use or techniques. These are smaller backpacks used for daily departures, to make a trail or any other activity that does not involve overnight stay. It’s a backpack, where you’re taking coat, insect repellent, camera, travel case, and all that can be required in day trips tend to have between 10 and 40 litres.
Using the two together
These two types of bag above are complementary, have different functions and the use of a does not relieve the use of another. On the contrary, most people travel with two bags and there are even models where attack mochilinha attaches to the cargo bag to facilitate in some offsets.
Hydration backpacks
The hydration backpacks are those menorzinhas (typically up to 10 liters), that have a compartment inside, where is hydration pouch. Are generally used in adventure racing, mountain, mountain biking, etc.The bags are small, some of them hardly space beyond hydration pouch, which usually ranges from 1 liter to 3 litres.Eventually may be an option for fast tracks, you do not have to load beyond the water.
If you choose one of these bags for use on the trails, evaluate well the litragem before buying to make sure that when the water tank is full it will also have room for a snack, wallet, camera, flashlight, Windbreak, etc.