Different Types of Barbecue Styles

One of the great joys of the Brazilians is the good old barbecue that, whether for a specific celebration or socializing with friends and family.

People are worrying more about the meat and forgetting a very important element: the grill. For a good barbecue, this should be selected properly, properly installed and well maintained.

See below the types of barbecue available in the market:

– Barbecue made of masonry: the charcoal grills, made of masonry, are the favorite of duty grillers. Being a classical model, this type of barbecue requires space and should be in a covered place, to avoid the rain. The ideal is to be in a space that gives mobility to handle the skewers and it will not obstruct the passage of people. Before using it, preheating is required. It is important to pay attention to the height of the flame to not change the flavor of the meat.

– BBQ gas: the preparation of meat in barbecue is a bit time consuming. The cleaning is much more practical in addition to regular power the flame temperature. Ideal for those who live in apartment, as the gas grill emits very little smoke.

– Electric Barbecue: electric models are ideal for anyone who does not have much usable space. It produces little smoke and you can adjust the temperature. Also, does not bake as large pieces and attention in the preparation of the meat must be paid not to overcook. By owning a tray to store the fat that drips from meat, allows greater ease in cleaning equipment.

– Portable BBQ Charcoal: a good choice for those who want to save space is the charcoal grill. As masonry barbecues, it is necessary to preheat before use and pay attention to the height of the flame. Some models have a cover, which aids in the preparation of meat needing longer the fire, as the rib or termites, for example. After placing the meat, you should close the lid, leaving only a slit for intake of oxygen, which will keep the flame burning. The stainless steel models are more expensive, but last longer and are more practical in cleaning and not rusting. The iron grills should be washed and dried after use. For better conservation, must pass petrolatum on the grid, to protect from moisture.