Different Types of Belts

Our latest achievement: High-quality Belts, which are made from the same leather as our shoes. Whether Boxcalf, Cordovan, ostrich, crocodile, deer, alligator, lizard or Pyhton-each shoe of Our site now features a matching belt. Reason enough to devote to us, the belt a separate article in our blog.


Earlier important part, so that the pants stay in place, belts are nowadays more a fashion accessory. That makes them our opinion but no less important for a neat and modern style. Therefore payhelpcenter would shed light on what makes a good belt and give a few little advice today.

Differences Belt And Belts

At first glance, you can see a belt quite confused with a belt. However, there are some important differences in form and function in both.
In principle, there is a belt made of a single piece of leather, this is to do is extremely thick.Some traditionalists swear by him, because he can on a much longer history dating back as the in contrast, quite young belt. Nowadays one rarely finds belt but as a fashion accessory for trousers, it is rather because of its robustness for bags or horse saddles, in short, for everything has known and loved what primarily practical benefit. Merely for casual jeans Mr. combined from still and a matching belt.
It is different because the typical belt. This is usually from a top and a leather lining. These are the minimum requirements, because with very soft leather exterior should be additionally incorporated yet an inlay to strengthen. Since a belt consists of several layers, these must be assembled during manufacture. There are now excellent bonding techniques and by a flat-rate quality waste can therefore no longer necessarily speak, but we recommend clean stitched belt as the better alternative. These belts form has proven itself and is simply authentic and, as we see, fashion.

Small belt-Knigge

The best method is a harmonic interplay between the belt and the men’s shoes in his outfit.Many still pays attention to the correct pocket, but this need not necessarily be for the man. A general rule is that the color should harmonize from the shoes with the belt. This may be an exact color matching, but it is usually sufficient also to move in the same color. Belts and men’s shoes are quite far apart, so it does not depend on small nuances. In addition, the uppers of the shoes is due to the care and the stronger sunlight make eh slightly darker than beginning with time. For this reason it is often enough to combine the respective colors together, namely light brown to light brown, dark to dark and so on. An exact successive Vote but still absolutely fine, especially as it is here definitely on the right page.

It is more likely to pay attention to the combination of leathers. Boxcalf to Boxcalf, Cordovan to Cordovan. It is not necessary that the grain is the same, but an approximate interaction makes trendy but a better impression. Therefore, the modern gentleman exotic leathers for belts and men’s shoe combines also particularly like each other. Who wears flashy shoes made from crocodile leather, this may well be supplemented with a corresponding belt. But again back in such exotics there is no absolute must always repeat the exact same pattern and materials.
The normal belt width hovers around 31.75 mm. This is the normal range for men. With a width of less than 25 cm is therefore already speaks of a fashion statement, like this is the case with ties, a width of more than 35 mm is for again more in the “casual” range.

Two things have to conclude: The buckle should harmonize with the laces of the shoes. In normal lacing the usual buckle enough, but who is wearing a monk shoe, may like to also draw a slightly fancier version in belt. Some wonder, how best to close the belt, that is, how long can the end, whether the belt tip must protrude above the first belt loop of trousers, or must be exactly level with her. For this, there are no hard and fast rule. Make simple that they can close the belt with one of the middle ears, and already they look good.

Store Belt Properly

From the different combinations shows that a gentleman should generally have more belt leisure. Just as is the case with noble men’s shoes, should also be paid during the wearing breaks on the proper handling of this exquisite fashionable subject.

As such, it requires no special care, if you like, may from time to gently wipe and edit with care products such as cream or leather oil. However, one should be careful here, because a belt is not subjected to such hardships as the men’s shoe. So do not overdo it with care, even if it is organic material. More important is because already the correct storage. The worst thing you can do is, crumpled to let his belt carelessly in the dresser and rummage in the shoe blade for the perfect accessory if necessary. This can cause unsightly deformation and even scratches or small cracks. Not optimal, but already much better, it kept rolled up neatly his belt. They are kept in a solid form at least, and the deck leather remains protected from any damage. Ideally, we find the hanging storage. As in the shop also, it is advisable to hang the belt adjacent. Thus, the leather at the longest remains in its original form, and shows the best durability.