Different Types of Bicycle Lights

Rechargeable lights by eddy currents on the wheel

The Reelight City functioning by magnetic field (by eddy currents). The principle is this: the rotation of the wheel created a magnetic field. The lights illuminate without contact or friction.

Available in 2 version: [Reelight City – Reelight City Supreme]

Different bindings of the lights

Choose a fire fixed or removable?

It is best to choose removable lights, when you want to use it on several bike. As soon as we parked in the city, it is important to carry on or to avoid theft: there are removable lights including installation and removal are simplified.

Fixed lighting is typically located on the city bikes or the VTC. These can be attached to the frame, handlebars, to the luggage rack, or seatpost.

Where to set his bike fire?

  • A the front of the bike

-On the fork: fixed lighting at the level of the fork especially when you team a light dynamo. Sometimes, the frame of his bike is not equipped to install a. A specific tie brings the solution.

  • On recommend: [tie to bike dynamo]

-Handlebars: you can install a fire at the level of the handlebar for easier access when needed.

We recommend: [fixing on handlebar for lights of Busch and Muller] – [fixing on handlebar for lights on fork]

-On the wheel: we can install lighting on the wheel of his bike with the MonkeyLight for originality. And if you want to stay in the classic, you can opt for the Reelight to install on the hub of the wheel. For these models to fix on axis consider the wheel locks to secure both wheels and lights.

We recommend: [Reelight SL150 on axis] – [Reelight SL220 on axis for brakes disc or roller]-[fire on wheel axle brackets]

The rear of the bike

-On the brakes: lighting rear for bike, it is possible to be equipped with a fire on the rear brake.

We recommend: [fire Seculite Cross more Busch Müller] [stop light Nano Ilumenox on brake V-Brake]


On the mud guard: when his bike is equipped with a rear mud guard can be added a fire for safety.

We recommend: [the rear-light with LED] – [fire 4 d Lite Busch and Muller]

-On the strut: to ensure its visibility we can install a taillight to the level of the strut.

We recommend: [extra light light XLC] – [taillight double 1w Oxfod]

-On the rack: when it is equipped with a rear luggage rack, it is preferable to add a specific fire.

We recommend: [lighting rear and reflector] – [with the bracket] – [the stop lights and turn signals wireless Q-Lite]

-On seatpost: install a fire on the seatpost can prove to be very handy.

We recommend: [turn signals and stop light for brake V-Brake] – [fire with laser projecting a bicycle]

On the cyclist

-On the helmet: it is possible to replace the light before fixed to the handlebar by a headlamp mounted on the rider’s helmet. The headlamp avoids the heated lights and light precisely a point of the road. It is often used for the practice of mountain biking.

We recommend: [headlamp with 7 LEDs] – [back light for helmet Cratoni]


-On clothing: to strengthen its visibility the cyclist can equip lights installed directly on him.

We recommend: [the multi-positions lighting set] – [the lamp for CAP visor] – [taillight switch X 4]