Different Types of Chandeliers

The chandelier comes from a way of lighting in the Palace in the middle age. At that time, we put several candles on an iron stand that has multiple branches, this is both a strong light and an elegant decoration. Today, the chandelier is no longer reserved exclusively to Kings and nobles, but is an ideal choice to illuminate and decorate the salons of residents. In addition, we no longer use candles but the bulbs as a source of light.

The luster of classic style keeps the ancient structure of the luster of the time of the Kings. The only change is to replace the candles by the bulbs. This is a good choice if you opt for a style of design history.

The crystal chandelier is very luxurious, it uses several blocks in Crystal to reflect light, making a light effect with beautiful sparkles. However, this type of chandelier is normally bulky and expensive, more difficult to install, to adapt, to yet a spacious living room with a luxurious style of decoration.

The neoclassical chandelier makes a historic feel and style of decoration is rather sober. This kind of chandelier does not play on complex decorations, and is a combination of several lamps with lampshades, it fits as well in the living room of classic style to the show of contemporary style.

The artistic chandelier is a kind of luster with the innovative ideas of contemporary designers. It has great freedom to the levels of the shape, appearance, design and functionality. It makes unlimited possibilities and you find what you want.

If you opt for a chandelier in your living room, go into account in advance that makes you lighting effects and very exceptional decoration, but on the other hand brings difficulties for installation and maintenance. In addition, as a chandelier has several lamps, it consumes a lot of energy. So, the benefits do not come without drawbacks, there always needs to be considered in deciding.

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