Drag and Drop Attachments in Gmail

For some reason I do not know what the development team Gmail takes one day a week and implements a lot of news at once. Earlier today, we had the news that Gmail and Google Calendar would be better integrated due to event invitations sent via e-mail service.

Now, Google announced that Gmail is replaced by something that, to me, is interesting: drag and drop for attachments. This means that, with two windows open (a browser and another in a folder on your computer), you will be able to drag files from one side to the other.

Implementation already works – beautifully, by the way – in Mozilla browsers Firefox and Google Chrome, with a view to reaching other browsers soon. And the best part is that the user will be able to drag and drop multiple attachments at once. Gmail, however, continues with total 25MB limit attached to each message.

[Update 17:00] Just do not try to drag an entire folder into the Gmail attachments. Does not work.

What will the Gmail team have yet to invent?