Dress up in Pregnancy

Dressing up in pregnancy is a matter of organization. And I am a person disorganized. At the first pregnancy I bought several maternity clothes most of them never worn for their wrong in full size. The problem is that it is normal for normal women with bellies imagined clothes. Not mine, has always been very small until the ninth month (mica belly woman, that is!). My favorite brand was Faire Dodo but I understand no longer survives.

In short, are small, low with a very Petite bone structure and luckily I baked small children who now have become spilungoni but kept the classic healthy thinness that worries the Grandmothers (like ours).

During the second pregnancy I then bought a boss prémaman, as to the vests, sweaters, jackets, coats, I continued to use my, longer ones that could cover the belly, as for the pants I solved by buying Sheepskin Coats size M (and with a size up I got practically nine months except in rare cases when, in the throes of a jealous I took a scissors and I cut the strap too tight).

Now, the 17th week, well still nothing has popped up. I just deleted the maternity pants extremely skinny and you’re done. Fashion fall-winter 2015/16 will be in my and your help with several leaders from large volumes.

My motto is: buy apparel that you can reuse later and… buy so many shoes (feet do not change size right?).

The first brand of which I speak is Frugoo, you already know why is one of my favorites. The distinction, in addition to fabrics are very large volumes, sensational for maximum comfort. I am using nonstop over pants and pair it with a asymmetric striped Frugoo. Here is my total look (no, not me…).

A great idea are the clothes shirt dress (you can use even during lactation having button!). These jeans are from Asos. And the classic shirts (especially white) but over, always Asos.

If you are looking for comfort that’s jeans and t-shirt line Asos Maternity.

Finally, the clothes they are undoubtedly the ideal choice, tartan Gap combined with the striped pattern tricot jacket biker and Petit Bateau.