Dressage Horse Preparation

Dressage competition going on is not only your tastes unit. You must be well prepared to start the game, if you calm your tasting want to run and want to achieve a good result. We go through the task of preparing for a competition. You dressage test usually lasts only a few minutes, but still go there several hours of preparation in advance to get a good result. Both horse and rider must be well prepared for the race!

 The Week Before the race

During the week before the race, you can start training experiment oriented. Reclaiming the exercises that you have in your sample will need to run, and make your horse in the days before the race well loose and warning of the support, which saves you a lot of work during the running of the test. Make sure that you do not always ask the exercises on the spot where you have to run them in the dressage test: when you risk anticipate your horse and no more waiting for your helpers. You may be a week before the race a couple of times you try to ride at all, but do not overdo it. Horses memorize the order of exercises sooner than you think and lose their attention and interest.

 The day before the race

The day before the race, it is best not very heavy exercise do more. If you have an hour goes by working with different exercises, you risk the horse on race day is not appropriate or even numb. The day before the test, it is best to just heat up, possibly through some little exercise, but do not overdo it. Make sure your horse is fit to start shortly afterwards!
The day before the match, you can be sure that all your equipment is in perfect condition. Brush up on your saddle and bridle, see if you have a pure white beam and shining your boots already on. You can stop you put in the game has also been in the car, trailer or truck. The easiest way to forget nothing is to make a checklist. Make a list of everything you need every day, and hang it in your tack trunk or truck. So you can every game review, what is clear about.
Preparation horse
Day before dressage horse can already wash if the weather is nice. Is it colder than it was just white legs and possibly the tail. You can also mane braiding your horse is already saving a lot of work on race day and if you must leave early, you do not stand before the braids. Are you afraid that the horse during the night will still be buns or rolls and thereby destroy, then you can do the day before the braids and on race day roll up into balls.


On race day, you will probably suffer from nerves. So make sure you leave nothing to chance, to reduce stress as much as possible. Allow plenty of time to put the horse on a trailer or truck, you never know he does not want one more time and you need more time than usual. Also check out in good time: traffic conditions you have never in your hand, and it can always be that you used the ring must then provide, for example, if there are any cancellations. Once at the site makes you sign should immediately to the Secretariat, and perhaps asking if the game is on the schedule. If you are nervous, take someone along who can soothe and who can help with the saddle and drive into. Take the time to ride your horse, get enough in advance so that your horse is resolved before trial.Note that you are not too early to start running, otherwise your horse may already tired before the test begins.
Good luck!