Dresses Collection Spring Summer 2015

Starts to get good weather, approaches the Holy week and becomes the season’s celebrations. After months of cold, laziness and outfits based on layers and layers of clothing which you want now is strip you of shelter and enjoy the breeze on your skin… and accumulates you work!
Suddenly become communions, weddings and celebrations of all kinds for which you want to be perfect, but this year is more complicated to find that dress that you feel like a glove. You are pregnant but nonetheless you have to renounce Verte Super, favoured, sexy and trendy. From Mit Mat Mamá , we want to share with you our desire to ensure that you don’t have to give up your style or a single moment during these months so special. We put at your disposal the best proposals in maternity fashion, the latest dresses as described in maternity garment, so your only concern is to choose one… or many!

Here you will find a brief guide on the party of the new season spring summer 2015 collection.

From left to right: dress Tuscan, Deco, Louvre gown and dress magic dress.

Do you have little formal celebrations on your agenda? Looking for a versatile dress that can serve both for commitments and for dinners and anniversaries? Do you like to be able to make a turn to your outfit by modifying the supplements with a dress? With this collection you’re lucky, you’ll find many dresses that meet these requirements. You can not miss dress Tuscany with black background and a cheerful, dress Louvre with its striking retro Print Print print of butterflies or Deco short dress that combines elaborate finishes of the prom dresses with joy and freshness of the Ibizan mini dresses. Perfect for day celebrations, special dinners or days in which you want to see more fixed than usual. You can not miss the hit of this season: the lovely magic long dress, a maxi loaded with color and flowers Bohemian-inspired dress that you notice that it is spring!.

From left to right: dress Dolly, Ana dress, dress icon and dress kangaroo.

Do you like the dresses in plain colors but with textures and distinguished falls that give them a special touch? Are that they seek sobriety and not going risk by blending colors? Are you a fan of basic tones and you like that the only note of color of your outfit a good pair of shoes provide you? Don’t miss the lovely short dress Dolly, lines clean and mix of textures with its combination of crêpe and finish in shell that you can take even as wedding dress. Dress bicolor Ana with black lace and white backing will also be a safe bet if you are lover of elaborate fabrics. Icon and Kangaroo dresses in neutral colors you will be ideal to combine with golden shoe, with point sexy short prom dress and the elegance of tissue fluids that fall with ease and prints embossed with combined textures.

And finally if what you need is a prom in capital letters, that dress that you book for special moments, also you will be able to choose among several proposals.
So unique and special that you could wear to your wedding daydresses. MIT Mat Mamá puts at your fingertips pieces so unique and exclusive as the dress long Pratto, with its elaborate lace pink cake, style beautiful short dress oxide lencero combining transparencies on the sleeves with the lightest of the falls or the dress Bogard which combines everything you want in a dress, an authentic dress story in mini version to make look more their tiptoe on bass.

From left to right: rust dress, dress Pratto & dress Bogard.

You seek the maternity party dress look sure you can find it in this collection so special that Mit Mat Mamá has for you this season.
For weddings, baptisms, communions, parties or anniversaries, you will find what you are looking for. Check out our online store and which does not escape you none of our prom dresses for this season spring – summer 2015.