Dresses to Go to the Beach with Style

There is no doubt, the summer has come, say the temperatures and the calendar says so.
Some lucky ones are already on vacation, others expect them forward and other neighbors already are low getting ready to give birth!!
It is season breaks, trips and many beach, pool and terraces. And to support these hot flashes that come it is imperative to find maternity clothes comfortable as described in maternity garment to facilitate us the existence and help us make this wait more pleasant.

What to wear to go to the beach?

If you’re a practical woman no doubt: dress. The more comfortable and all-terrain better. To this end at Mit Mat Mamá we offer various models of maternity dresses that you will be superbly for a simple and comfortable look beach that will also serve to take a walk, drink on a terrace or eat anywhere looking stylish and favoured.

Comfortable and dull NO ES LO MISMO, why Mit Mat Mamá are committed to cut simple and flattering dresses accompanied by current patterns, elaborate details that make the difference and trend colours.

From left to right: dress Salon, Moon dress and dress Navy Ry unequal

A must have for every summer sailor striped prints, are a type of garment that can not miss you ever. The short dress Navy Ry unequal stripes sailor navy/white and turquoise accents will be your perfect partner for an extra comfort without sacrificing good looks. Adjust it to your waist with your internal tapes and draws a bow in the front.

If you’re a fan of polka dots prints you can not miss short lounge dress. A fun cut design evasee with dark blue background and dots of colors to brighten the view and rear straps in red to create a nice contrast. Elastic and comfortable dress you won’t want to take off ever.

If you are that in summer point to the total look white and like to contrast that your clothes with Golden skin tone that (always with caution!) going… catching the Moon short dress is for you. A proposal full of lace that you could wear in the day to day without seeing you over or charged but that the time will give you a more careful look.

FROM left to right: Secret dress, Menorca and Secret Punt Sicilia dress gown.

And as this season is full of combined patterns and parts bicolor, can not miss designs as the short dress Secret Punt Sicily that combines two different prints, stripes top style sailor and skirt with Mediterranean motifs filled with color, especially appropriate for Beach days ending in a paella with friends or family.

For the lovers of stripes and fans of the joyous looks, a great option is the short dress Menorca. Its multicolor print striped in several directions will not leave you indifferent and his Court of closed round neckline and sleeve-mini allows you to take any bikini or bathing suit below unless you peek through the neck.

If you like to combine not only colors and prints, but fabrics, check out Secret short dress. Smooth top Satin Blue front and rib-knit Turquoise from behind, combined with uneven bass multicolor printed skirt.

Enters the dresses maternity section of our online shop and find all kinds of proposals: from dresses plain maternity as Porto The short dress up dresses with all kinds of patterns and forms. Find yours!

And now time-limited stocks last you can find a magnificent 30% discount on many of the clothes this season. I know quick, flying!