Maternity clothes, a concept that only to hear him do that it is erice me hair. When I was pregnant I despair (as I already explained in this post) looking for clothes that feel feminine and sexy, woman at the end and Cape. The panorama was disheartening: fashion that seemed taken from a wardrobe of the 90’s in a range of colours of the most soppy. At that time chose to steal some items from my husband, rescuing pieces that I would be big and buy some basic in some sizes than what you usually wear. I wish I had known to Dressmadre.

Dressmadre is a brand aimed at pregnant women, with ease, sense of humor and clothes as described in allpubliclibraries that feel nice when you have a huge gut. I invite you to know the brand through this interview with its creators.

How was born Dressmadre?
Because of the need and where I was born. When we were pregnant (or our partners) we discovered that there was a lack in that point, it was very difficult to find clothes for pregnant with which to feel good. Yes, there are t-shirts for pregnant women, but we wanted t-shirts for women. They are pregnant. But first, women. In addition, there was another point: gifts for pregnant women. Tooooodo world gives things for what is to come, but what’s with the mother, which is who is going to take 9 months to the creature? We wanted to offer a gift for mother, for her friends, your partner and your people are agreed that, after that belly that grows and grows, is it. And fashion still like him as much as before. From there, cost us quite make the mark, because we were very demanding tissues, took many turns until you find “The shirt”, what we wanted to. Until we find it, we did the tests, we liked and then Yes, it all started to take shape.

Who is behind the brand?
Although we are three partners, back there are three families, because we have all this dressmadre with our partners. We are professional, that we come from the world of graphic design, advertising and food. And perhaps this combination is seen in the demand, the taste for the details, the simplicity and of course, in the design.

How would you define the style of Dressmadre?
We loved a definition which we did recently on social media: t-shirts for mothers anti-monas. Obviously at this stage of your life, there are changes and everything revolves around your pregnancy, but we wanted t-shirts that will take care of you, now that everyone is aware of your belly. And for that, we knew that the design had to be very careful, that quality should be maximum and that the messages should be focused on the mother. Child will already have all the care when it is born. We now want to be with the mother.

Where do you find inspiration?
Well, here we pull the same springs that help us in our daily creative work. We find inspiration in the own experience, on the street, on observation and especially in the work. Or imagine the amount of models that we’ve ruled out for this first collection. And say no to your ideas it hurts very much, because they have cost of giving birth, but hey, the resources are those that are and we wanted to create a coherent line, so we decided on these first 5 collections. But we have not stopped thinking and the inspiration has been good, and we already have a few more prepared for next season.

What are the basics of a mum-to-be?
Then logically everything revolves around what you have there inside and that will soon come to be happy life. When you get pregnant, you enter into a sort of bubble in which only, only, just eyes and ears for your baby. And you start to look at books on how it will sleep, see Supernanny programs you even change your watermark on other more appropriate. That is why we think that a small parenthesis, a moment for you, always goes well. That you deserve it, we will.

Dismantle me pregnant topics
We say that being a mother can change you life, but not atrophy you taste. We believe, like everyone else, that a pregnancy is great news, that is a great time and that a pregnant woman is gorgeous. But we’ve been there and we know that fashion is still interesting to a pregnant woman, intelligent life there is in the meantime dehumidifier and so much room with vinyl of dwarfs and Princesses and that at that time, a friend to give you something for you, remember you, and only you, is a detallazo.