Effect of Anabolic Steroids on The Body

Bodybuilding is like to ride a dubious reputation in doping. For many people, bodybuilding corresponds to the use of anabolic steroids, substances to increase muscle growth and stimulate fat metabolism.

Definition anabolic steroids

Anabolics is a generic term and all substances that promote the development of human tissue. Until Anabolica property of their best-known representatives of anabolic steroids. Synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone are known as anabolic steroids. These substances find application in medicine for the treatment of certain diseases or symptoms but also be used in sport for performance improvement.

Anabolic steroids have a double effect:

  • The anabolic effect of the desired effect of improving muscle building, and a concomitant decrease in body fat.
  • The second effect is androgenic effect, is an unwanted side effect.During androgenic effect means the artificial influence of hormones on the internal and external sexual characteristics. Although there are preparations andogene effect is less strong, but she’s always there.
    Unfortunately, it is in fact a fact that the intake of anabolic steroids accelerate muscle growth. However, it is important that everyone who plays with the idea of ​​using anabolic steroids, should be aware of the risks and are certainly not be taken seriously thinking. Risks and benefits must be weighed against each other completely in advance.

Possible side effects

??Damage to the heart and blood vessels;
??Prostate enlargement, maybe even prostate cancer;
??Liver damage;
??Masculinisation of women;
??Breast enlargement in men;
??In men, it can lead to testicular degeneration and inhibition of sperm production;
??Growth disorders in young adults;
??Hair loss;
??Increased aggression;

Fat Loss

If losing weight and diets associated with muscle building, there are so many myths, misconceptions and half-truths, it is good to have some clarification on:

  • To reduce fat should be an absolute condition must be met: there must be a lack of energy there, which means fewer calories than consumed must be recorded. Only then the body will treat your body fat stores for energy. But then it is important that this energy shortage is not too high because the body is in a different type of energy-saving state in which it has more fat reserves.
  • There are no specific exercises to reduce fat! There is a misconception that you can lose fat in certain body parts by doing some exercises. So it is useless to do sit-ups if you want to lose fat on the stomach. With sit-ups based on the most a six pack, though still below the fat is hidden. The only thing that has managed to influence on weight loss, calories burned during a workout.
  • Never try to exercise for weight loss and muscle building while. For optimum fat loss is a calorie deficit needed for muscle building is a calorie surplus is needed. Both ends will eventually lead to a failure to achieve both goals. As always the first one, then another! But it can happen sometimes, that also builds muscle while losing weight, or vice versa. But it should more or less be considered a perk. It can not deliberately provoked.
  • Dieter is bad! Diets are by definition temporary in nature and thus give temporary results. Then the body return to its previous state, as we return to our previous habits. In addition, the body builds some extra fat reserves for another food shortage, the famous yo-yo effect. Structural change in eating behavior must be the goal.
  • There are no supplements that have been scientifically proven that people lose where fats. But in fact there are serious indications that the purchase of supplements touted for fat loss, a lot of money to lose …..

The race is won in bed

Any athletes who are looking for opportunities to increase its performance to a higher level, will benefit from the above recommendations. But the most important tip, which must take every serious athlete truly heart, “the game is won in bed!”