Egg Shell Candle Holder

Using eggshells, make such extraordinary candles with your own hands with the tips of

In order to make candles in the shell, you will need:

Raw eggs;
Filler to choose from – beeswax, new spark or cinder, Sunflower or olive oil;
Wick – thick thread or wick of the candle;
A toothpick or pencil;
Container to melt the wax.
Step 1. Melt the wax in a water bath. To do this, place the wax candles in a bowl (or glass pan), then place the bowl with wax in boiling water on the stove. The wax will melt slowly.

Step 2: Prepare the egg shells. Take a raw egg and gently, do it with a hole “island” side. Pour the contents. You can wash the shell with water to remove the remains of the egg.

Step 3. Place the wick in the shell. To do this, take a thick waxed thread or wick of another candle, wrap on a toothpick or a pencil, put a toothpick on top of the shell, and the wick is in the middle of the shell.

Step 4. Pour the melted wax into the shell. When the wax hardens, cut the unnecessary length of the wick.

If desired, the shell can be painted or even break off, leaving only the wax. And in wax – Add shavings of wax crayons, and then the wax will get shade.


As fuel, you can use olive or sunflower oil, while progress is the same, only it is not necessary to heat the wax with a wick in the shell to fill in oil;
If you want to make wax candles in the shape of eggs completely, you will need to carefully make two small holes in the shell and pour the contents. Wick with a needle to pass through both holes and bottom close up clay or chewing gum. Pour the wax, and then break off the shell hardening.

Small candles in walnut shell is made exactly the same way as in the eggshell. Only a smaller scale, and this is enough briefly. But they can be let through the water!

Use walnut halves, peeled content. Wick hold with a toothpick, cover with melted wax.

Quite a rare variant of candles from the shell, however also deserves attention. Stroke work is the same as in the previous two embodiments. Is that the main task here is to split the coconut. To get equal halves, try to saw coconut saw. With a knife, clean the shell of the core. Place the wick in the coconut and pour the melted wax.