Enamel Minnie: Opi Collection Couture Minnie

Enamel Minnie-Opi Collection Couture Minnie, News On New Collection

More a collection of enamel is released by OPI and comes bringing news of a now very famous mouse named Minnie, is the new collection of enamels OPI Minnie Couture Collection call.

In addition to already have done another collection of enamel Minnie in ask4beauty.com, that was vintage and version which had your time here in Brazil. Now with this collection different, but still containing the colors pink and red, obtained a new technology called LiquidSand.

The new collection of enamel Minnie was innovated with five colors and different nuances, with effects well fleeing colors so flashy “normal” or “common” in which we see daily.

The Colors Of The New Collection Of Enamel Minnie Are:

Chic from Ears to Tail-On pink Gum;

The Definite Moust-have-in tone Fuchsia;

Minnie Style-Glitters red and white;

Innie Minnie MightieBow – Carmine closed and bright;

Magazine Cover Mouse-is the Red Strawberry is Minnie’s face in LiquidSand version.

This line expected to be launched in June this year, although it will take a little bit, but you already have a taste of what will come around. Each bottle will cost $ $9,00.

When you get here the novelty of the new collection of enamel, the information is more detailed. Stay and visit our blog, always full of news and information about fashion and beauty!