Estadão Launches Newspaper Complete Collection on the Internet

History is culture. Fortunately, today the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo launches its contribution to the Brazilian memory to release the complete collection of newspaper reports since it was created in 1875. Internet users have at their disposal more than two million pages scanned with absolutely everything it was published by the journal.

As a good student of journalism I am – in the process of delivering CBT in a work that investigates the relationship of secular craft with the reality that digital media imposes on us – it was with great joy that I opened the homepage this Wednesday and soon found the report announcing the arrival of the online collection. In good time, without a doubt.

Following my passionate defense of craft needed today. I think journalism and newspapers, as well as other platforms, help document the history of its people. As much as there are all kinds of problems in journals and in the press in general, them have a factual record. Important for subsequent reinterpretation of what we were and what we would like to be.

The ESP is particularly important in the defense of democracy by rebelling against censorship during the military dictatorship with interesting features. After making the pages of editorial content, censorship officials simply prohibiting certain subjects were treated. In response to the ban, the State inserted recipes or snippets The Lusiads in place of text. Who saw, he understood that the protest was going to lead national.

In the newspaper’s digital collection over a thousand pages with the original text and what was for the stalls after the censors determined which reports could not move.

Tools such as converter values ​​and search for the terms used in the old way help the user to navigate the content. Enter “pharmacy” for example, will also bring the results of reports with “pharmacia”.