Eureka Paint: the Amazing Transparent Paint

Gone is the time when the walls of the House or the Office needed to be neutral or white only. With a lot of creativity and color, today it is possible to transform them in several ways: when using stickers, posters or just with an effect or paint. One of the major trends when we talk about wall decor has been the blackboards, the famousBlackboard paint. Chalks and erasers decided to get out of the classroom and invaded the environments decorating bedrooms, kitchens and offices in countless ways.

But what about when you’re allergic to chalk? When you can’t get used to the dark green or black ink. Was thinking these people that we have discovered a very cool solution, developed by a brazilian company, to anyone easily customize any surface: the magic transparent ink Eureka Paint!

The Eureka Paint if similar to the effect of those whiteboards for school, but with anincredible detail: colorless, it turns any surface into ‘ escrevível ‘. Yes! This means thatyou can apply from your favorite color/paint or maintain your desired color wall and then write and draw the size you want. After delete – and write again and delete, with those for white board markers.

Use the Eureka Paint is very easy: the kit comes complete and is the basis of waterwithout any solvent, odourless and with no VOCS (volatile organic compound). By opting for the paint, even fica cheaper than buying a conventional Whiteboard – but you don’t need to hold only white color.

After searching a lot on the idea and view that you can use in various environments, surfaces and materials, we decided to run some tests. Check out the Walkthrough:

First, we tested the Eureka Paint on a wall. Paint that was white with a blue band to then apply the transparent paint on the track.

The first step was to paint the wall with 2 coats of the chosen color (in this case, the blue one is called ‘ clear skies ‘ of Coral Paints). After drought, it was time to apply the Eureka Paint. As the kit comes ready, simply prepare the walls, follow the instructions in the manual and go to the application – here, a very complete video about it.

Basically, it’s A + B mix container, shake the solution for 2 minutes, leave it resting for 5 minutes, use the roller past the paint on movements from top to bottom until you have all the coated surface and after overhaul. Wait to dry for 7 days and voila!

Just a caution: After mixing A+B is made, you have 1 hour to apply the Eureka Paint.

The cool thing is that this same surface you can decorate it as you wish following Add wall stickers, posters, create frames, designs, phrases, etc. Below some details of how it looks:

Oh, you can also turn any surface that has applied the paint chalkboard with the Eureka Paint. And the best: all no mess!

Here, once upon a time a comic that Whiteboard ink always spotted. After painting, apply the Paint on the surface Eureka. It is now easier to write-erase and color!

This option is nice for being versatile in time to decorate. You can always change the phrases, leave on the living room wall for the kids draw, create banners for your garden, etc.

Helpful hint: it is fact, some pens for Whiteboard end up staining the surface over time.If that happens and the eraser can’t handle, you can always use a cloth with alcohol to clean the Eureka Paint applied. So, she will always be 100%.

Enjoyed the idea? You can also apply the Eureka Paint in:

-Walls: create frames, designs, phrases, fonts, and whatever else your imagination allow (how about create a frame in your room and even a track in the bathroom, why not?);

-Mobile: paint tables, cabinets, refrigerators, created and dumb, doors, making the surface ‘ escrevível ‘;

-Kitchen: make a surface to create shopping list or write the day menu and recipes;

-Children: paint a wall of the small room, or small squares with the paint so they draw-as a small art gallery – (it’s not just the kids who will love this idea. I guarantee that adults will also want a place to scribble!)

-Home Office: paint the format of a calendar, or create a framework for ideas and messages, mural;

The experience of being able to write-erase-draw-delete infinitely is amazing. The end result was very nice! The application of Eureka Paint is pretty easy and create a DIY so can be therapeutic.