Exclusive Partnership: Telekom Can Count On Extra Charge For Iphone

Deutsche telekom can hope in the bidding contest for the coveted iphone on the contract for the exclusive distribution of the apple mobile phones in germany. As the largest german mobile operator the group subsidiary T-mobile will distribute industry according to expected to be exclusively the device. The agreements are probably each with the leaders of each country, otherwise they would give away a big advantage, said a representative of the spanish telecommunications industry.

The iphone is a combination of mobile phone and ipod and allows access to the internet via a web browser. The device had been brought under great advertising and media hype in the US market. Alone on the first two days late june it was 270,000 times over the counter. Apple expected the border is breached in the current quarter of a million devices sold.

According to newspaper reports, apple and deutsche telekom on an exclusive partner for germany have agreed already. Handelsblatt reported, however, relying on the environment of the telecom, a decision will come probably in six weeks. Currently, both companies wanted this information not comment.

Media report: Apple conceded in sales with
iphone to come in europe, probably in the fourth quarter on the market. For the world’s largest mobile operators outside china, vodafone, a european exclusive contract for the iphone seems so distant to move. In the united states is the iphone from the telecommunications giant AT & T distributed.

The frankfurter allgemeine zeitung reported, citing industry circles, T-mobile get the sole marketing rights for at least a year. On apple’s insistence, the unit without subsidies should be sold and cost 400 to 500 euros. The US computer group have enforced with the future iphone customers also participate in telephone sales. The financial times according to T-mobile must pay a tenth of sales to apple. So that a mobile manufacturer revenue for telephony and data transfer would be involved for the first time. (reuters/ul)

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