Expectation vs. Reality About Mother’s First Traveling Life

as is the expectation reality verse about the life of first-time mother.

Expectation vs. Reality About Mother's First Traveling Life

Finally the time comes to raise the family. Being a mother is something very special, however much we imagine nothing compares with reality.

We all imagine this moment in a way, but the reality is quite different, we create expectations, much because of the films and the novels, but everything is very different.

Different is not bad, but we expect things to happen in a certain way, but reality is not quite so. But love is infinite.

Reality for first-time mothers

The contact with reality begins even before the baby is born, who is the mother will identify with some of these realities.



We do the math for the baby to be born in the summer or winter. The belly grows and we walk proudly to show the belly.


From the moment the couple dreams of having a child until the time of pregnancy can take some time. Anxiety can grow every time this does not happen. Relax and enjoy your workouts.

Pregnancy is not a sea of ​​roses either, it is not just the belly that grows. It is the nausea, the constant urge to pee, the swelling, not being able to do the hair removal, to cut the toenails, to tighten the shoes.

Baby sleep


After the first month the baby gets into the routine and sleeps all night. It is a matter of creating habits and creating a comfortable environment.


In the first months babies wake up for about 3 hours to eat. Feeding, burping, changing the diaper and sleeping … because, therefore, things do not work so the baby can be slow to fall asleep or because he has cramps or simply because he wants cud.



We buy colorful, age-appropriate toys that help stimulate the baby’s development. We spend a lot of money on beautiful, quality toys.


The reality is that they really enjoy playing with commands, pots, lids, springs.



The baby is going to eat the soup and the whole meal, just talk to her or sing a song. It’s all about combining flavors. No cell phone and TV at mealtimes.


Some children eat beautifully, some because the others are more difficult. They close their mouths, spit, throw the food to the floor, to the walls above us. It is a desperation when they do not want to eat.