Exterior LED Lighting Of The Spanish Streets

Regarding the future of outdoor LED lighting in Spanish streets, we tell you some interesting information that is certainly very illuminating:

On average, the Spanish town councils that decide to replace the exterior lighting of their streets with LED luminaires as described in itypeusa find energy savings of approximately 60% and the investment is usually amortized in about 15 months, so the savings in the economic cost is significant.

Although this article focuses on economic saving, do not forget that another great advantage of LED technology is energy efficiency.

Replacing street lamps with outdoor LED lighting in the Spanish streets represents a saving of 60% and is amortized in about 15 months

The American consultancy Northeast Group has presented a study on the future of LED lighting in several countries, including ours, concluding that this technology is the future and predicts that in about 10 years, the streets of the vast majority Of our cities will emit LED light.

Said report, based on the data collected during its study, has foreseen an exponential increase of the external road installations along the Spanish public roads.

The increase is already significant if we compare the data of recent years, for example, in 2012 the LED immersion corresponded to only 1%, amount that doubles each year, which will continue until approximately 2025, date that the consultant has Planned for public LED lighting in the most industrialized countries to be based on this new technology.

Below we show a very interesting graph on the annual investment made by the main industrialized countries in LED outdoor lamps and lamps with intelligent systems from 2013 to 2025.

This graph also shows the significant increase in installations with intelligent systems, although in Spain this growth is expected to be lower.

These intelligent systems are more difficult to amortize, that is to say:

The amortization period of LED lamps , considering the current electricity cost, is normally amortized in less than 15 months, compared to the more complicated repayment term of intelligent systems, which automatically reduce the luminous flux in late night hours but The cost usually hover around €70 per spot, so it would be amortized over the next 15 years in most cases.