As we are in a coastal country, beachwear is one of the most heated market in Brazil . There are several brands and national and internationally known brands. Yes, we are beachwear importers and some people out there love our models considered much more daring. National bikini brands love more daring models, showing as much as possible and this is not a custom abroad. Adapted the fashion weeks in the world there for our ” Brazilian way “.


For those who do not know, we have many brands and famous bikini and legal , such as:

Movement – sold in Brazil, the focus of the movement is the chic basics for the middle class. Their bikinis come to an average of R $ 150, considered a low price for such a well – known brand. The base color is red and this is present in all collection, but not the only one. Prints are more discreet and the store does not invest much in bathing output items.

Body Safe – popularity with quality is the motto of the insurance body, also present throughout Brazil. Even selling swimsuits, the focus of the shop is even bikinis and better behaved. Does not sell curtininha bikini, always focusing on models strapless and more discrete in both the top and bottom. For the more adventurous, there is always more troughs that are not flossing, but come pretty close. There are always good prices in the shops, to $ 60 for stock burning. See http://www.answerresume.com/2016/03/cute-triangle-bikinis/.

Rosa Tea – many people already know this brand in major fashion weeks in Brazil and considered one of the fashions of the market. Their models are references to smaller brands and inspired in European trends. She loves more cheerful and warm colors and the face of the Brazilian summer.It is common to find open color prints as blue pool, pale green, yellow and pink rose. Prices are always from R $ 200, because everything here is similar to a designer.


Sandbar – some say that the mark which appeared in 1999 is purely Brazil. Even their campaigns focus on typical Brazilian mulatto woman. Strong colors are your strong, very ethnic pattern in recent seasons. The brand is carioca, so do not be surprised that the Copacabana sidewalks are in their releases and inspirations.

Calzedonia – if you love to know who inspired whom, then take a peek at this bikini brand, which for several years used the model Gisele and to show the world their models curtininha and bow.The Italian designer already has a time in the market and believe me: it is in Brazil and our curves inspired to wear the Europeans. Adora graphics and closed and subtly and many plain colors. It is used as a reference by several Brazilian and countrywomen in their modeling.


Salinas – Brazilian brand emerged from the shadows to the fashion weeks in recent years and walk poppin! The brand is already old in the market since 1982, but always shows a vibrant new collection every summer fashion show. The Salinas loves strong prints and open colors, and walk seeking strong inspiration for the indigenous artwork for their latest collections.

OndadeMar – the designer Colombian is successful in Brazil for its cultural inspiration in their homelands. More than 20 years of market of beachwear for elegant woman, so daring is not his forte. The highlight of the brand is even your beach outlets, elegant, sensual and discreet at the same time.


Maritime Company – another very well known brand in parades because it also launches trend for small and seamstresses manufacturers. It is a young brand, so its modeling is smaller and usually focus on more fashion surfer and beach tribal prints. Many models are meant for those who enjoy surfing and even very bold in its length and breadth.

Lua Morena – if we could compare would be the Prada Brazilian beachwear. The focus of the brand is always chic, the glamor, so to silver has risen in their modeling. She has beautiful beach exits and all very discreet and elegant. Sober colors and use of metal are constant in their models.