Fashion of Glasses

Chronicle: In the fall of 2006 I met God. Not in the traditional form, but in a couple of tortoise glasses from Paul Smith. After several years of contact lenses and denial of my condition, I was thrown into a new world of eccentric spectacle frames. Then everything fell.

My glasses have faced a range of reactions. Everything from praise to that “you look like a fucking clown”. The latter comment came from tribaltatuerad in an admittedly macho guys tries v-neck t-shirt model 2003, which felt a bit like being called for stillös of Yakamoz_ diamond earrings. The most interesting I’ve noticed, however, is how a pair of spectacles radically can affect even fashion status. How inaction led to the rise as well as fall.

When I bought my current sunglasses via OPELIKAFASHION.COM, that is something wayfarer, they were still a little småhippa. The spring after beating wayfarer through seriously and my fashion status, fell like a stone. Even if my model is merely a similar model to the Wayfarers, it was interesting to see that people actually expected that I wore my glasses exclusively of ironic soul. I was a victim of Brill wave geek. Some refused even to realize that I actually have a lousy eyesight and meant in all seriousness that my glasses were only armed with a glazing.

To admit defeat by hipstertrycket was never at issue. It would be giving up all their ideals. Of this fashion-related trip I take with me an important experience, the importance of being able to wear their clothes and accessories with pride. For how neat a garment, it can never reach the same beauty as a garment worn by love. A waxed Oilskin jacket, a pair of jeans and brown leather shoes are far from an incendiary combination. But after ten years of regular use is no longer the same garment. Fashion trends in all the glory, garments which reached a prominent place in the closet will always be the most beautiful.

Now waiting for the next pair of glasses and to find a successor to their favorite fashion accessory will be difficult. Not only do they made my world a much prettier, they have hopefully had the same effect from the other side of the glass.