Fashion Tips for Women’s Head Scarf

If you have an attachment that came with everything this summer, stayed and will stay still for a long time is the headscarf. There’s a fad that promises not to leave so early in the head of the fashionistas! And want something more versatile? There are days that the hair doesn’t cooperate with us, isn’t it? Who has hair bandit, who’s always stuck or armed, you know what we’re talking about! When the hair is dirty, oily, not in place like you have never seen a brush life (lion’s mane type!) and there’s no magic to make him cooperate. The best thing to do is to arrest or search a nice accessory, as the tissues. Success in summer parade of São Paulo Fashion Week, the handkerchief used as turban and/or track promises to be the accessory of the season and, of course, gives that “up” needed in the productions. After all, nothing likes abuse of accessories to enhance the look when you don’t want to invest too much on clothes. The “celebs” to “It Girls”, nobody resisted!!! Valley bandanna, smooth, with spike, knotted at the top, covering the hair or just a little bit … use options are many and have tissue for all tastes!

The set of headscarves in vintage style is a smart rescue turbans that comes from there 40 years and bombed in 50 years with the famous pin up girls, killing it with his knobby things and red lipstick. Let any look chic and relaxed until the jeans and t-shirt combo does this! The trend can be used even on the beach and also applies to the days of “bady hair day”, when the highlights are not willing to collaborate with you. And let’s face it, which doesn’t have a handkerchief in the closet? For they are multifunctional, is a play Joker – every year there’s a different way of using them. Tie with lace up and you will have a visual right 60 years; tie on the back of your head and you’ll get a hippie look and, with longer scarves, boho is in charge. Just use your creativity!