Fashion Tips-How To Use Leggings

Legging pants are back in fashion and many women fear in using the model because they don’t know how to combine the piece. Legging is a pair of tight, elastic material that sticks to the body and evidence the feminine silhouette.
The legging pants was fashion in years 80 and returned to fashion again this year, because of the retro fashion. Can be used in various lengths, always below the knee.
But not all women should use the template mainly because they tend to highlight the salient flab or those love handles. Precisely because they are made of light fabrics and can arrange every detail of your body.
Tip: when choosing your model check that the material is not too soft or transparent. Check your legging material is firm, in a very dark color and make sure the panties don’t be marking: search models thongs to wear under your pants, it’s the right thing to do in these cases.
To combine your legging pants with several loose clothes on the body: male shirt, coat, shirt, jacket, tunic, skirt and dress. The best combination is male, white shirt, light blue, pink and other classic tones. You can also add a vest, jacket and even jacket. The length should be long or capri.
The leggings can be used to compose various types of looks, both for the summer as winter and even to go to work. Just settle on combinations and colors. Every woman should have at least a basic black legging pants for those days when they search for a classic look and fast.
According to CALCULATORINC, casual leggings are quite used in academia and no problem since there is no transparency.
For most basic options work and classic and more discreet are the best. Don’t even think about using with short blouse or printed templates. Prefer male shirt or blazer.
For the hours of leisure, the colorful and printed leggings are released, for any age, since combined and discreet.
For a look at night, you can abuse a little more. The sparkles, the moorings and the fees are allowed. Even the shorts with leggings to compose the visual for this night.
Check out some pictures with suggestions of combinations of clothes to wear with leggings:
Watch the videos below with more tips for using the pants leggings!