First Shot of Contact with LG Optimus Black

Although the phone started to appear at the beginning of this week was today when LG and Orange have launched officially the LG Optimus Black, a phone that is attached to the rather brief catalogue of Android devices of the operator but which will be gradually expanded with new signings.

Apart from the official presentation have been able to prove the LG Optimus Black and have a first touchdown with him where we have seen what they offer us and if actually the screen NOVA Display, its main attraction is as good as you want it we sell LG. Let’s go point by point to see what we offer.

LG Optimus Black, design and technology

The Korean company has decided to follow a line of similar design to the already marked with the LG Optimus 2 X but betting by simple and elegant finishes. Does not reach the level of sophistication of the Xperia Arc but is a comfortable catch terminal and very light.

The dimensions of the terminal are of 122 × 64 × 9, 2 mm, a thickness of very thin, as you can see in the data. The phone is also very light weight, 109 grams. Although this is especially noticeable when you have it on hand. The first touchdown has been very good, let’s see the rest.

LG Optimus Black, less ambitious than the Optimus 2 X

If a month ago we saw that the main asset of the LG Optimus 2 X was its dual processor kernel with this new terminal have decided to go for a more modest hardware but no worse. The processor is a chip 6330 1 GHz OMAP powered by Texas Instrument. The other components are also height. Namely: 512 MB RAM and 2GB eMMC ROM. In addition the terminal will come with a card micro SD 2GB gift.

Enough to move the terminal and the truth is that in the time that we have been able to prove it We have not noticed any flip. Remains to be seen if the performance is so good but at the moment we are left with that impression in an in-depth analysis.

NOVA Display, its main asset

As we have already mentioned the great attraction of the LG Optimus Black is your four-inch screen with technology NOVA Display developed by the company itself. A few days ago we could see in a comparison with other screens that their performance was quite good but now has touched us we try it first hand.

In regards to the tone and color range It must be said that it is frankly very well. Colors they do not tend to become saturated as in the Super AMOLED Plus and they are a little brighter than in Retina Display. The luminance of 700 nits When the brightness to maximum note compared to other mobiles.

We have had the opportunity to test the terminal to full light of day in the Centre of Madrid and its visibility is really quite good, if we have the brightness to the maximum as if we have a level intermediate or low. The screen seen without problems Although other minimum reflection gives some of that. Compared to the Nexus One, which has a very poor visibility when there is plenty of light, you can see.

Multimedia capabilities, gestures and Wi-Fi Direct

LG Optimus Black comes with a pair of integrated cameras. A 5 megapixel rear and with a quality somewhat lower than that of the Optimus 2 X but on the other hand has a camera 2 megapixel front ideal for video conferencing and self-portraits.

A terminal quite interesting novelty is the introduction of gestures to perform actions quick. If shake the phone While in stand-by automatically activate the camera, if we take the phone to the ear it picks up only and if we give back while we received a call hang it. Already some HTC made this final gesture.

Unfortunately we could not test these features at the terminals of the test during the presentation with what we leave only data of how the gestures. Already we will prove them herewith, I hope, in the in-depth analysis we do.

LG Optimus Black It is also the first phone that comes to market with technology Wi-Fi Direct with which we can send files at high speed. At the moment we will touch wait to take advantage of this functionality since an application will be required that, for the moment, it is not available in the Android Market.

The heel of Achilles of the LG Optimus Black, Froyo

Without a doubt this new terminal of the Korean company is all a technical wonder and also has a very successful design. However, despite all the innovation, have decided to launch the LG Optimus Black with Android 2.2 Froyo.

In order to enjoy Gingerbread will have to wait to end of summer that will be when LG releases the update via OTA, prior control by Orange that will have the terminal exclusive.

LG Optimus Black, 430 free euros for 0 EUR with Orange

To come up with prices. Although the terminal leaves in Spain exclusively with Orange we can opt to buy it free at a price of 430 euros. If we acquired it with Orange we from 0 euros if we take the Dolphin tarifa. As a curiosity, in July, Orange launched a special version of the LG Optimus Black in white with the same price and the same rates.