Fishing For Big Perch

If you want to fish especially for big bass, includes a certain amount of experience. Remember this, that an old bass has already seen many lures and it survived. Therefore one should with exceptional colour fishing lures.
Because capital perches are gourmet, you can catch it better with small as with large bite.Continue to the fishing place and year weather must fit if you want to land a really thick perch in the landing net.

The Angel Assembly is important for large perch. You should be very fine fish with thin lines and leaders. Flourocarbon leaders are good 0,18er because these have the advantages opposite of normal Mono lines, that they have the same refraction as water and are almost invisible in the clear waters.

Good fishing for perch is a sudden weather change with storm and rain, because it throws a big feeding of the fish. Good fishing places are, where shallow water on sharp band edges are adjacent or soaring bass mountains and headlands.

Bass fishing on sight
Based on TECHNOLOGY-WIKI, the lake is transparent like glass, shelters, stones, sand bottom and of course the fish can recognize with the pole glasses well. A Pack can be seen perch in sight, a 12 hooks on a 0,15er leader is bound by quickly. The hook is fitted with four meat maggots, so that you can’t see the hooks. We do without lead and with the Assembly to approach very carefully to the shore and.Silently the natural bait to the bottom falls out then, where one can well see bright maggots. It doesn’t take long and the fish survey the bait with on dorsal fin curious, until then a strike to and already the perch by quickly wriggling then on the hook.

Bass fishing with earthworm
Most fish are caught with the earthworm. The bass respond best to a worm that moves. Who would like to catch many fish, offers gezuft a worm on the Sbirolino Assembly. This type of fishing brings more natural or in the water of floating bait much more bites than one at the bottom.

Proposal lures for perch
Mini lures on the 6 or 10-gram head can you throw far and beneath the surface along, boost by the mean sea level or the reason to knock off. The water is clear, with forage fish designs, natural, as Ruff, Roach and trout, very good bass catches are possible.