Fishing in Thailand Part 1-Pilot 111

I am very pleased that this is our first report under the new heading (fishing abroad) to an extremely exciting fishing destination – Thailand! On 25 December my wife and I went on Board of a Qatar airline flight to Bangkok (short 9 hours stopover in Doha) and 20 hours later we landed at Suvarnabhumi airport. Immediately rose when I off the plane, I got a big smile on your face, it is simply not more away :-). With this particular smell that smell only in Thailand, you get a real feeling of happiness of the radiant Sun, friendly people and high growing Palm trees directly at the airport – we are Yes! I could write forever long about what is a splendid country Thailand, but I’ll try to keep my report almost exclusively on our fishing experiences.

The world-famous artificial lakes outside of Bangkok for Pacu, SNAKEHEAD and barramundi, fresh water lakes and rivers in Koh Phangan for Mekong catfish and carp, and of course deep sea fishing from kayak and boat in Koh Phangan and Koh Samui for everything bites were on the agenda of our fishing trip via  BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.COM.

After a few days full of shopping and eating it was so far. Our first Angel goal was called pilot 111 – a huge facility with 12 artificial lakes (each approximately 150 m long and wide) about an hour drive away from Bangkok. Pilot 111, it is possible to catch fish species, of which one can usually only dream.  Giant snakeheads to 8 kg, barramundi up to 14 kg, Featherbacks, Asian Redtail catfish, Pacu and Mekong catfish, striped SNAKEHEAD. This facility is operated by a very friendly Thai lady and her daughter. You can rent a very cosy room on the waterfront there complete with bathroom, television and air conditioning-so really top. It costs total 3000 baht (€ 65,-) for 2 persons, a 24-hour fishing there in all Lakes plus room

After our arrival at 10:00 in the morning and check-in in our district we have just started at the first maritime. Equipped with a relatively rigid 40 g Penn Spinning Rod and a Shimano 3000 role with braided cord and steel rig at the end. First I tried it with a small Popper I bought in Bangkok a few days before. After a few casts there came the first bite. The last time that I have felt such a huge bite, was Tigerfish fishing in Zimbabwe. Barely hit my bait on the water, captures huge barramundi’s to jump up out of the water. A couple of times jumped up, head shaking and he was gone. After a short exciting fight I had licked blood, but at the same time noted: you really have to fight with this fish and the victory is definitely not sure positive pre-programmed. A few minutes later came the next bite, and I immediately felt that this fish was even bigger and stronger than the last. This time I was checking that the voltage remained permanently in the cord, also during the multiple spectacular leaps out of the water. Less than 5 minutes, I have started my first barramundi, a magnificent 8 kilos of beautiful fish. The Sun enters his silver in green and blue tones. When handling, it must fit really, because they have a very sharp razor blades sharp fins and down. At the huge tail fin, you can see why this fish has so much power. After a few hours of high-voltage fishing and several highly dramatic drills with Baramundis, we have moved to the second Lake with giant snakeheads.

Giant snakeheads are extremely combative fish, moving back and forth in the water (something like a snake). In addition, they regularly jump out of the water and have extremely sharp teeth. I’ve started several snakeheads with whiskey, including favorite bait. It is important when the snakeheads fishing a little faster to catch up with the bait and extremely fast to get on when biting. On the first visit to pilot 111, I have also a monster Sanakehead lost exist quite far beyond the 1 m mark floating around there.

After the action at the snakeheads we took a bite gain for us in the form of delicious Thai dishes freshly prepared by an old Thai chef. The delicious food and refreshing drinks did extremely well. Although it is supported by a permanent adrenalin rush, it is very hot (33 ° C in the shade) and it must be remembered “in spite of adrenaline” constantly drink. Time has really flown and as we us made direction Pacu Lake, already broke the dawn on the way.

Pacu are originally from South America and are closely related to the Piranha. The main differences are the shape of the teeth, and that Pacús are much larger than Piranha. Both are extremely aggressive, can swim very fast and fight very, very hard. Again I tried the favorite bait and again I got the bites quickly. Then I started a really fat Pacu after 3 regular drills. He fought really hard and my rod was totally crooked. There is no better sound than when the cord is pulled from the reel in insanely fast speed

First mass mosquitoes came after nightfall. I’ve just made a mental note that I’m bringing in any case bug spray on the second visit (I knew that I must come here necessarily again). Although we know a taxi to pick us up at 3:00 am in the morning to drive us to the Airport (on to Koh Phangan), we nevertheless until 1: 00 a.m. have fished even though I’m actually not a big fan of artificial lakes, what I in Thailand have experienced was more than recommended in any case. I was hoping it was not our last visit to pilot 111 ;-)… To the second part of the Thailand report I wish jarring role!