Fishing in Thailand-Part 2

Unfortunately we had to make towards the airport at 3:30 on the way to compete the next part of our holiday. After we had fished all night and not even 30 minutes sleep, the first part of the journey was something unpleasant and tedious. 4 hours later we were direction island Koh Phangan on a high speed catamaran. By now I was fully awake, to be happy so much sun, so much water here after a crazy new year’s Eve party on the beach and relaxation on the island a few days ago it was then again: with a friendly couple from Sweden (Sandra and MICAH, also total fishing mad) we went deep sea fishing!

It was deep-sea fishing Thai style together with our Thai Guide, who spoke no English or German at all, on a narrow wooden boat with a huge diesel engine behind it (looked like an old truck engine and was just as loud). In 2 or 3 hours trolling in 35 ° c heat (a Barracuda to start), we have seen no sign of any fish. After 2 hours without success, we decided to go towards coral reef, to try our luck there. And actually, we got our first bite. Shortly afterwards I ended up a “spotted rock fish”. No giant, for an extremely beautiful fish!. With some squid on hooks, you got a bite after another and we caught a few fish, among others, “Garrett” and “Red Snapper”. Although we have caught a Barracuda, enjoyed very much. With new-found friends, we laughed a lot and very properly started. To do this we have tanked even powerful Sun already in the car on the way back we planned the next common fishing trip – it should be an attempt on CARP and the giant Mekong catfish, a Lake hidden deep in the jungle.

Fishing with lures in the luggage BUSINESSJUST drove four on two scooters through the jungle after some searching we found a little house on a relatively manageable Lake. After a brief conversation with the very friendly owner we were convenient’s in the House right on the water. While you first tried others with a dough mix, I did some chicken from my lunch on the hook. After we all flipped, we were first employed to put our stuff in the House. At that precise moment I heard how rattled the cord of my role, after 4 or 5 seconds I posted and then it went off: Although my brake was now very strongly, the cord rattled continue to roll. I couldn’t really do anything and was helpless, swam the giant fish in the direction of a thick herb field. It remained nothing me, as an attempt to dare to control the fish with some force in a different direction. And then it happened this modest feeling, when the tension of the tail. The giant was gone. But not the cord was torn, but the Thai fish hook completely just bent so I really have never seen! After all, we know that there are extremely large fish and apparently they like chicken.

A few minutes later, Sandra got a bite on your batter mixture. Although you could see immediately that there was no huge fish, we were very excited about what awaited us at the other end of the cord.