Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch

Is it a Fitnesstracker? Or a Smartwatch? The Fitbit surge will be both. If this works, reveals our test.

The Fitbit surge offers the same features as the Fitbit HR – pulse measure charge, steps count, etc., calls signal and display time – and more. The Fitness Watch remains as a Fitnesstracker the entire day on the wrist and as soon as you start with the sport, the logging is quickly enabled.

Three buttons and a small touchscreen

The Fitbit waits surge with a small, monochrome LCD display with relatively broad framework. The content can be easily read in direct sunlight as well as in the dark. On the screen, you can permanently see the time and it must not activate it.

According to AGOODDIR, the operation of the fitness timer via the LED touch screen and three buttons on the sides of the chassis. You wipes on the display to the side, the surge in addition to the time indicates the counted steps, calories, floors, the distance traveled and the current pulse frequency whose measuring easily permanently ran in the test.

With a click on the button on the left side gets you a menu where you will start the tracking for jogging and up to 16 other sports, of which seven on the watch and the selection are: cycling, hiking, spinning, yoga, lift weights, Cross Trainer, General workout, stair climb, circuit training, Pilates, tennis, swimming, golf, martial arts, boot camp or go for a walk. The biggest difference between the activities is that the GPS stays off stationary sports. In addition you will find an overview of programmed alarms and some settings to customize the menu.

To get to a menu item, you tap the display or press them buttons on the right side lower. With the left button again leads one step back. The upper right button is rarely used, for example, to completely stop an activity. Overall, I find understandable structured and efficient user interface.

Guide to quick read

The Info screen displays a stop watch big sports. For the bottom line you select with a wiping motion, whether you can see the pace, the pulse rate, the calories consumed or made steps. The upper line that put the distance shows, could I just read while running, when I briefly slowed down.

The Fitbit transfers the collected data surge via Bluetooth to the IOS or Android app on your Smartphone, as well as a small USB plug with ANT + directly in the website of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is the battery life of the Fitbit of surge with up to seven days. You will be reduced in active GPS however extremely to a maximum five hours. Because I occasionally used the GPS, I can not confirm the seven days, but say that the Akkubalken was small very slowly in normal operation.

Conclusion: Chunky Fitnesstracker, but an everyday fitness watch

The MSRP for the Fitbit surge at 249,95 EUR. You can order them directly from the manufacturer already. So far only small quantities are available at Amazon, for which the dealers require a surcharge of around 100 euros.

As pure Fitnesstracker, the Fitbit is me surge too high, even though I appreciate learned the permanently active display. Tracking provides the same data as for example the TomTom runner cardio or the Garmin Forerunner 220 – the fitness watch with chest strap for heart rate measurement – only and is not only more convenient, but also distinguishes between more different kinds of sports. In addition, remains as Fitnesstracker all day on your arm, so an extra Fitnesstracker is not necessary – and is then not bigger, heavier and interfering as a wristwatch. The Fitbit is a Smartwatch surge long but still not and therefore no competition for the Apple Watch or the watch models available with Android wear.