Foot and Leg Warmers

Did you in winter also constantly cold feet and legs despite winter boots? Or you are looking for ideas on how you can spice up your winter look? Or maybe for a solution for the coming transitional period? Thenfoot warmers and cuffs just right for you! These small fashion accessories are not only fashionable, but also very practical. More we can not wish! A question still remains: how, for heaven’s sake, combined one foot warmers and cuffs? In order not to embarrass you, we have compiled the best tips for you.

But first a brief digression: Why would you ever wear leg warmers and foot warmers? Well, they keep especially your feet and legs warm. They also provide for a layered look, which gives the outfit a really interesting and stylish look. You might not think of how much is this little detail when outfit!

These small fashion accessories are in addition also still very diverse. Whether winter boots, ankle boots, sneakers or sneakers – it can be combined with almost any shoe. Then you just pull the cuffs or socks more upward or downward. Officially warmers and foot warmers While plugged into the boots, but Bold may also carry on the bootleg.

And now we come to our advice:

  • You can arbitrarily show much of your leg warmers and foot warmers. Just make sure that the correct proportions. If you have rather short legs, you should either leave the cuffs more in the boot or – when you pull up to the knee like – combine a short skirt it. So there is still enough visible from your legs and they are not optically shortened.
  • Although warmers, foot warmers and thick, long boots socks can be worn to super skinny jeans and leggings, but eventually your body is again crucial. Did you wide calf, you should rather cuffs with leggings or tights combine. These are thinner than pants and not wear so on. If you would like to have thicker calves, the cuffs prefer quiet over a conventional skinny pants.
  • Games with colors! If you wish for warm legs, but your cuffs not stress want, then just wear stockings and cuffs in the same color. So the foot warmer fall on hard. Do you want your cuffs notice, they like to combine with different pants and stockings.
  • It definitely makes a stylish impression when you the colors in your outfit – famous for synchronizing each other – yes, also the cuffs.
  • In the transitional period, ie in spring and autumn when it is outside slowly colder, you can style your hair with high heels and sneakers warmers and foot warmers. With so an outfit but must reckon with prying eyes!?

Whether you warmers , foot warmers and boots socks wearing or not, the important thing is ultimately that you feel comfortable doing. Give trends a chance, but do not cling on to them. If you realize that they do not work for it, let it simply. But find out why they have not worked for you. So you learn your style know step by step and grab the next time more confident in the apparel and shoe cabinet.